Woman jumps out of SUV on I-264 Westbound causing multi-vehicle crash

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Virginia Beach, Va. - A multi-vehicle crash caused major backups Wednesday morning on I-264 westbound, just west of Witchduck Road.

It happened around 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. The driver of a 2002 Jeep Cherokee, Jasmine Curbison, was traveling westbound on I-264 during the rush hour morning commute. When she attempted to slow down, she told police that her brakes were not functioning properly, at which point she jumped out of her moving vehicle onto the interstate roadway, causing a multi-vehicle accident.

A 2011 Honda mini-van attempted to avoid striking Curbison, and struck the rear end of the abandonded Jeep, police say, pushing the Jeep into a 2000 BMW, in turn causing the driver of the BMW to run off the roadway and strike the jersey wall.

Once the driver of the Honda Mini-Van struck the Jeep, the Honda was then struck from behind by a 2001 Saturn, in which the Saturn was then struck by a 2013 Hyundai.

A total of four people suffered non-life threatening injuries and transported from the scene.

Jasmine A. Curbison was charged with reckless driving, and failure to maintain proper control of vehicle.

The following vehicles were involved in the crash:

2002 Jeep
2011 Honda mini-van
2001 Saturn
2000 BMW
2013 Hyundai

The driver of the Jeep has been identified as 27-year-old Jasmine A. Curbison of the 2100 block of Carnaby Drive in Virginia Beach.

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    • Scratching my head....

      Why? Because she made a stupid decision in a moment of fear for her life? If VA followed that line of logic, there would be very, very few drivers in Hampton Roads, including you, I’m sure. At least she had the excuse of being scared witless-what’s yours? Or what’s the excuse of the hundred or so people I see all the time, texting and yakking on the phone while they speed down the highway at better than 70? Take away the licenses of drunk drivers who knowingly endanger lives on a regular basis because they don’t give a s$%, before going after some undereducated halfwit whose driving is probably no better or worse than half the people I narrowly manage to avoid every day.

  • Donna

    Dear Jasmine,

    When your car malfunctions you do not abandon it unless it is on fire, going in a deep body of water, or over a cliff.

    You were safer staying in the vehicle and taking the impact of a crash. Your airbags and seat belts would have been protection for you. Jumping out into the middle of an interstate filled with cars offered you no protection at all. You are truly very fortunate you were not severely injured and even killed by another responsible driver.

    I had this same situation happen to me in a Ford Explorer 5 years ago and there is an simple way to resolve it without getting yourself or others hurt or killed —- PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE KEYS AND TURN OFF THE ENGINE —- allow the vehicle to coast to stopping point. Yes, you still risk being in an accident, however this simple action will stop an out of control vehicle which is much safer than jumping out and allowing it to drive freely down a crowded highway unoccupied. During my incident, in a short amount of time, I tried a couple of things to stop my truck including putting it into Neutral and hitting the emergency brake but none of these things stopped it. I made a split second decision to kill the engine and that was the only way I got any response from the vehicle.

    I am sincerely glad though you and the other drivers involved are safe and can go home to your families.

    Been there, done that — successfully.

    • Billy Davis

      If your emergency brake didn’t stop the car then your car should not be on the road. If you must cut the keys as an option be sure to not cut them all the way back the locking position or your car will likely flip or strike an object once the steering locks.

      • Scratching my head....

        Um, Billy, I’m pretty sure she probably didn’t know her emergency brake was going to fail as well. Had she known it, her vehicle likely wouldn’t have been on the road, unless her intention that day was to commit suicide. And flipping, or striking an object are both better options than opening the door and jumping out into traffic.

    • Jason

      If your E-brake doesn’t work, your vehicle is not road worthy. Also, turning the engine off does not show the vehicle (unless you are experiencing unintended acceleration). That will cause your power steering to fail, making the situation worse.

    • CharleneBlake

      Wow! The “driver defamation” group is out in full force here! The woman likely was exeperiencing an unintended acceleration and didn’t recognize it. Her brakes at the time were ineffective at stopping the vehicle. She knew she would have an Impedndinf crash. Many such instances in a Jeep Cherokee have not ended well. During the the six second period and the ensuing shock, most drivers do not have time to become their own failsafes! The automaker knows that this is what is happening! Drivers are FORCED to come up with avoidance strategies in SECOND!

      • Azar Hadi

        Didn’t Jeep just lost a lawsuit for $150,000,000.00?? Why are these troll calling this young woman who saved herself from a runaway, out of control car with electronic defects?

        • CharleneBlake

          EXACTLY, Azar! When you are sitting in a vehicle whose engine is revving loudly, increasing rapidly in speed without command, and cannot be stopped, what might you be thinking as you contemplate how to SAVE YOUR LIFE? You have about SIX SECONDS to decide what to do evasively! It’s lucky that her out-of-control vehicle didn’t kill or maim others as well. Jeep Cherokee vehicle are KNOWN TO SUDDENLY ACCELERATE! Just ask the VICTIMS!

  • Better call Flo

    What are the odds this woman has no full coverage insurance, or this wasnt her car and the owner will say she didnt have permission to drive it. Leaving the victims of this idiot to have to pay, along wih the insurance hike that will surely follow. I am just suprised this kind of pile up doesnt happen every rush hour, 264 east and west is like a Richmond Nascar race.

    • Billy Davis

      Regardless, the state only requires 25K per person, 50K per accident for liability, and a measly 20K for property damage. There is no such thing as full coverage. In Virginia it is usually the combination of collision and comprehensive which protect the owners property, not the property of others. Unless has had higher limits(voluntary) I would blame the state as these people will likely be paying some portion if they all are able to claim on her policy.

  • Bob D

    I would bet some cash that Jasmine had been hearing first squeaking, then grinding, then spongy brakes, on her way to buy her iPhone 4,5 & 6. She also did not notice because she was talking and texting on said phones.

    • CharleneBlake

      I would just get Jasmine had an unintended acceleration episode with INEFFECTIVE BRAKES which made her think it was just brake failure. Many vehicle owners blame the brakes when there is really a more complex electronic glitch taking place. The vehicle is switched into an open throttle mode where the brakes become essentially useless, especially if pumped! He vehicle becomes a veritable battering ram as it bulldozes forward (or whatever gear it happens to be in). It’s a TERRIFYING experience for the driver and occupants!

  • andanotherthing

    What a complete idiot. You do not jump out of a moving car on an interstate where people are doing 60-70-75 miles an hour. She should lose her driving privileges for an extended length of time. Just to give her a taste of what it’s like to not be able to do so. And she should be required to take a few driving courses. Obviously she has never done that.

  • CharleneBlake

    Jeep vehicles are WELL-KNOWN in terms of sudden unintended acceleration. Ask ANY car wash business. As a matter of fact, the Car Wash Association has a formal LIST of most likely vehicles to do this. Jeeps often TAKE OFF while inside these car washes. Carol lives on a lake and the humid conditions may well be connected.

    However, there is also a BIG hidden secret in the auto industry…it’s called ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! I know…you thought that was just about FLOOR MATS and sticky pedals, or “driver error,” right? That’s certainly what TOYOTA would like you to continue to believe, BUT DON’T!

    These ultra-complex new engines are completely computer driven. Software is needed to control the throttle system. You THINK you are giving gas when you press the accelerator, but you are only SUGGESTING this to the computer. In electronic SUA cases, the throttle software may be glitch-prone and NOT do as you wish.

    What happens then? Well, the glitch may (and has for countless SUA victims) result in an OPEN THROTTLE situation. The brakes become INEFFECTIVE in these situations and crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes have resulted.

    What does the automaker say? They hook the vehicles up to the computer and declare NOTHING WRONG! They cite the EDR which has erroneous data and say YOU were NOT braking. They point the finger at you based on AGE, GENDER, MEDICAL history, prescription meds, etc. YOU name it, they’ve TRIED it!

    Get the picture? And you THOUGHT the GM issue was big? Think again! This cover-up of ELECTRONIC SUA is scandalous and very well-orchestrated.

    Why even a WHISTLEBLOWER has been legally harassed by Toyota as it does NOT want her Toyota internal docs posted online anymore. The automaker wants to intimidate and SILENCE her. It doesn’t want the PUBLIC involved, for goodness sake!

    Charlene Blake

  • Leo

    well she is not going to be recieving her all state insurance safe driving check ! the dude in the commercial was right ! men are the superior drivers LOL . If this happens to any one , DO NOT turn off the car! bad bad advise (you lose power steering, and your steering wheel WILL lock if you turn the key to all the way off! in this situation use the HAND Brake slowly and you can also DOWNSHIFT your automatic car into lower gear which WILL slow down the car SAFELY. glad no one was killed by this idiots decisions and disregard for human common sense.

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