18-month-old twins drown in canal as mom tries to fend off a bee

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Two 18-month-old twins drowned after their mother tried to fend off a bee and let go of their stroller, which rolled into a canal, Arizona police said.

Alexis Keslar was walking with her twin sons, Silas and Eli Keslar, along a canal in Yuma on Friday when she tried to repel a bee, police in Yuma said.

"The stroller rolled away from her into the canal, with the boys belted in the seat," police said Monday.

Keslar went into the canal and tried to rescue her sons, authorities said, but was hampered by the steep sides of the canal, the depth of the water and the force of the current. The current washed the stroller away.

After Keslar got out of the canal, she called for help, police said.

The irrigation district that manages the canal slowed the flow of water and reduced the water level to help emergency workers find the boys, authorities said.

After more than an hour of searching, the toddlers were found and flown to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

"No parent should ever have to lose a child, you know, let alone both of them at the same time," family friend Marlene Gleim told CNN affiliate KYMA. "That's what really, really is heartbreaking to me, because those little boys were, you know, meant so much to so many people."

Authorities say the paths along Yuma canals are popular for joggers and bicyclists, but they can be dangerous.

"Many people typically do not comprehend how swift the current in these canals are and how deep the water can be," Yuma police said. "They also do not realize how difficult it is to climb back up many of the canal embankments."


  • Tish

    now my question is why by the canal and than let it go. Not saying it was intentional but why near the canal.

    • Scratching my head....

      I also wonder why, if the canal is so dangerous, there wasn’t some type of barrier alongside to prevent something like this happening. How terribly, terribly sad.

    • Tina

      She didn’t just let it go. She was swatting at a bee. Some people are deathly afraid of bees or even allergic to bees….maybe she was one of those people and just didn’t think when she let go to swat at the bee that the stroller would get away from her so quickly. My stroller has a “leash” so I can keep it tied around my wrist so that if something happens and I have to let go, it doesn’t get away from me. But maybe her stroller didn’t have one of those. I cannot imagine the pain this woman is in. I could not live with myself if that happened to me. She hardly needs anyone judging her or asking why she let go. I’m sure she asks herself that same question every second.

  • Kelly Waterman

    This is so sad. But my question is why didn’t she lock the stroller wheels before fending off the bee? It takes a second to lock the wheels.

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