AJ Hadsell’s biological father: ‘I just regret not being part of her life’

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Norfolk, Va. - What happened to AJ? Norfolk Police haven't named a suspect and we still don't know how 18-year-old Anjelica Hadsell died.

Those are questions her biological father wants answered.

For the first time we're hearing from Mel Langer. The pastor and spokesperson for AJ's family confirmed Langer is her biological father.

“I’d like to know, really know who did it,” Langer says. "And hopefully get justice for what happened to her.”

Langer lives in Jacksonville, Florida and spoke with NewsChannel 3 over the phone. For 18 years, he says AJ has been a distant part of his life -- until last month.

“I just regret not being part of her life,” he says. “I guess I didn`t try hard enough.”

Langer says his relationship with Anjelica’s mother unraveled soon after AJ was born.

On March 2, the day she disappeared, Langer says AJ's mother reached out through Facebook, asking if he'd heard from AJ. However, Langer says they hadn't talked since last year.

“I`m just heartbroken for me and my family is heartbroken because we didn`t really get to see her, spend time with her, you know she`s gone,” he says.

Last week investigators found AJ's body outside a vacant home in Franklin.

“I`m kind of happy really, put closure on it,” Langer says. “Let her rest in peace. Don`t have to worry about everyday people talking about her missing and all that.”

Langer is the third man to play the role of father in AJ's life. Last week, we heard from Zach Hoffer, who says he raised AJ for nearly 13 years.

“I`m not known as her dad. You all know who is known as her dad and of course that hurts,” Hoffer told NewsChannel 3.

The dad Hoffer is referring to is Wesley Hadsell, AJ's legally adoptive father.

Hadsell currently sits in jail for breaking into a woman's home and obstruction of justice, both charges that are connected to his daughter's disappearance.

A memorial service for AJ will be held this Saturday at 1 p.m. at Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home on 8464 Tidewater Drive in Norfolk.

Family and friends have created a petition to help get the word out about missing persons faster through social media.


  • Duckhomie

    Every man in her life is a piece of garbage. And mom is no prize either. Added together, this poor young woman deserved a better life. Godspeed.

  • glowworm

    On another note…Regarding the girl who was abducted in Isle of Wight. Wasn’t she taken to an abandoned house with a shed? Didn’t the man mention having a daughter? hmmmm

  • Susie

    Really?!? Is this family not going through enough. Must you continue to drag this family through the dirt to get your story. Aj is the story and she’s no longer with us. The rest is not relevant. Let Aj rest in peace and the family start to heal.

    • Scratching my head....

      Then tell the news media to stop writing about it. Given the past history and present situation of a certain family member, I have a feeling they are going to be in the news quite a bit in the future, so you’d better get used to it.

    • Coop

      I don’t feel bad for her mother or any of her eighty dads. I feel sorry for her and her alone. She deserved better.

      • Broken_Hallelujah

        Eighty dads?
        Mr. Hoffer was AnGelica Marie Hoffer’s Dad for THIRTEEN YEARS – as the article clearly states!
        He was her father during her formative years and she carried his name. There are images of her with “HOFFER” on her jersey!
        The only reason she carries the Hadsell name is because her name was changed when she was legally adopted – after Mr. Hoffer was no longer in her life.
        So, it isn’t fair to say she never had a Dad who cared. She did!
        I definitely agree that AJ went through more than most kids – because of the adults in her life. My heart is broken at the thought that their decisions may have led to her death. If her adoptive “father” is named a suspect in her murder, then this cycle will be undeniable.
        We’re not there yet.

        No one deserves more sympathy and compassion than AJ.

        Zach Hoffer doesn’t deserve to be bashed. Without Mel Langer, there would be no Angelica.

        As for her mom and her current husband – some things are better left unsaid.

  • lance

    I find it amazing how people chose to judge other people with limited facts. i wonder if i had some of you in the spot light how you would fare with all your life choices? Botton line is that this woman has lost her daughter and it seems like there is alot of heartless i told you so mentality. I have seen this mother on several occasions in the last few weeks and i can assure you that this has destroyed her mentally and physically. i keep hearing she made bad choices in her relationships, well thats half the people i know. or she didnt react the way i thought she should on tv, well if your child went missing how would you react? Then to find out you will never be able to hold her or tell her you love her again. i truly dont beleive i could accurately tell you how i would react. I do know this woman loves her children dearly and has a long hard road ahead of her without all the nasty negtive comments.

    • Responsibility

      Lance-Nobody cares about half the relationships you observe. Lots of folks in this girl’s life let her down. They need to own up. Your butthurt is meaningless, just like theirs. Everyone involved needs to answer for this.

  • Tina Ball

    I just hope justice will reveal this horrible crime of an innocent girl. But wouldn’t be surprised if the mother and father were both involved. She never even shad a tear. And knew her daughter didn’t have a relationship with her biological father. So why would she Facebook him? Pretty strange.

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