Wesley Hadsell’s sister doubting brother’s innocence in AJ’s disappearance: “I had blinders on.”

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Norfolk, Va. - Just hours after police find human remains during a search for missing teen Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell, her aunt speaks to NewsChannel 3.

Wendy Stokes says she's losing faith in her brother, Wesley Hadsell -- AJ's adoptive father.

"I'm not a judge. I'm not a jury. I'm not saying he's guilty. I'm not saying he's innocent, but it's really hard to have faith in someone when he can't be honest," Stokes said.

Hadsell, who already has a long history of felonies, is in jail right now facing several more charges, including breaking and entering and obstruction. Those charges are all in connection with his adoptive daughter's disappearance.

Since his arrest, Stokes says she's had her brothers back and believed him when he says he was just trying to find AJ. At least, that was the case until remains were discovered Thursday during a search.

"I have always had faith in my brother no matter what. Every time he has gone to jail, every time he has gone to prison, every time he has gotten into trouble, I have always had faith in him," she said. "But with everything that has already come out and the charges they got on him I just don't know. It's hard to keep that faith."

When asked if Stokes believes her brother is involved in AJ's disappearance she said, "I don't know anymore. At one time, I didn't think he was, but now I don't know. In my heart I don't want to believe he did, but there are things that when you start seeing on TV, places they are looking. I'm his sister you never want to think that anybody in your family could ever do anything like this."

From jail, Wesley Hadsell has been calling Wendy almost every day and she says in those conversations, red flags popped up. She says his story kept changing and that he asked her to put up a GoFundMe page for him, wanting money for his support rather than to find AJ.

"It's a support page. He was wanting more people on the support page than the AJ page. I don't understand it." Stokes added.

Stokes says she doesn't want to convict her brother, but as of right now, all faith in him is gone.



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  • Oh, Please!

    Funny how everyone connected with this family is coming out of the woodwork now to cover their rears….

  • ethel

    Now he’s her ‘adoptive’ father. I find it strange, if this is true, why so many women get another husband to adopt their older child(ren). By all accounts AJ is a beautiful, intelligent and well liked individual…but her ‘family’ life appears to be so full of dysfunction .

    I’m still holding out hope she ran away to get away from something or someone causing her much turmoil.

    • coop

      The world we live in is so sick today I wouldn’t be surprised if the step dad killed her JUST to start a gofundme page..

    • Freddy Jones

      The mother married Wes(the stepfather) after knowing each other for 3 weeks. This was about 5 years ago, about 4 months after his release from federal prison. About 3 monthes later Jen (the mother) was pegnant with her 4th child from the 3rd Daddy. This relationship is rocky at best. Wes was currently not living at the houseand is not someone to trust. He was living in a hotel, doing drugs and God only knows whatelse.
      As far as being a father,He has nothing to do with his real son, who is a fine young man. I pray that AJ is OK, and Wes did not have anything to do with it. But evan his direct family doubt him now. if he did do it, then i guess his Eye Lids tell the rest of the story. GAME OVER.

      • Coop

        I would love to be wrong, but I guarantee he (Wes) killed her.. You wanna know why? He immediately started referring to her in past tense. Shame on the mother for letting this animal anywhere near her family.

  • Post-Grad

    I thought that the cops said that they caught the guy who was killing female students? Remember the Black guy with the Dreds? Did they catch the right guy? I’m not so sure.

    • krissyd

      That’s a whole different case. That guy was connected to multiple murders/rapes but this is a different situation/case.

    • Scarlett

      You’re expecting all murders to stop on female students because 1 murderer (Jesse Matthew) was jailed?

      Most people who are victims of murder are killed by someone they know (which is how this case in looking). These cases don’t have much in common.

  • Coop

    Oh wow.. just read this POS’s earlier wife went missing back in 2005 when he was being charged for allegedly raping and kidnapping her..

  • random guy

    They Found “a body” and his sister is beginning not to trust her delinquent brother. Is there actually a story here?

    • ethel

      Yes. Gut instinct is strong. Wonder what she thinks of her brother right now…even tho he may be innocent of this crime…..

  • Laura

    The address to the home where Aj was found is also linked to Stokes Construction. His sisters last name is Stokes. Coincidental?

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