Virginia Beach Police investigating forceful viral video arrest

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Virginia Beach Police say they are investigating a "Use of Force" incident that occurred during an arrest that was recorded on a cell phone back in January.

The video was recorded on the cell phone of 18-year-old Courtney Griffith who had been stopped for a traffic violation in the 1900 block of Darnell Drive around 9:00 p.m. on January 10th.

"There`s some things I saw in that that I do not feel comfortable with," says Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera.

Cervera would not say what part of the video he's uncomfortable with, but did say he is questioning whether an officer stopped the recording and later deleted it.

NewsChannel 3 asked Chief Cervera if those allegations are true, if he could face charges.

"I’d have to contact the commonwealth`s attorney to see if that`s tampering with evidence," he says.

Courtney says she was driving while her 17-year-old friend Brandon was sitting in the backseat. She says she was pulled over for a broken license plate light, but the officer told them to get out of the car saying he smelled marijuana. That's when the video recording began.

Courtney uploaded the video to her Facebook page on January 27th and it has since been seen nearly two million times.

Virginia Beach Police say they were unaware that anyone had recorded the video until Thursday, but that the internal investigation had already been initiated due to the use of force seen in the video.

The department says they immediately began investigating the incident on their own based on the officer's self-reported Use of Force report and video captured from the officer's TASER camera that was submitted the night of the incident.

The involved officer has been placed on administrative duty after the video went viral.

Courtney was issued a summons for a charge of Simple Possession of Marijuana. That charge was dismissed.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with the attorney for Brandon's family who says Brandon was charged with assault on a police officer. Police would not confirm his charges.

The video shows what appears to be an officer coming in the car with a flashlight then what looks like the officer turning off the camera.

"Why did they hit stop on my video,” Griffith asks.

Griffith believes police then tried to get rid of the video -- she found it in her I-phone's recently deleted folder.

It’s another allegation Chief Cervera says he's looking into, but says he's examining the entire video.

"To the general public I’d like to say things will occasionally go not as we would like them. Occasionally things are going to happen. Sometimes officers make mistakes and sometimes we tell police they don't need to be officers anymore.


  • Oh, Please!

    I got pulled over once in No.VA for….no kidding….supposedly not looking into my rearview mirror before switching lanes. Don’t ask me how the officer thought he saw that, but I didn’t argue with him even though I knew it was baloney, and I ended up driving away with nothing but a verbal warning and a late arrival at work. No matter how stupid you think his reasoning is, don’t argue, and stay courteous-you can always report the incident later. Too bad these kids were too intent on engaging the cop in a pissing contest to think rationally. If they’d just let him search the car, and there actually was no weed in it (which I find hard to believe, given the defensive way they were acting), they could have gone on their merry way with no further repercussions-you can’t arrest someone because you think you smell something. But they had to be wiseasses and give the guy a reason to think they were hiding something.
    Hopefully they learned a lesson, but I doubt it….why, look at some of the comments here. If that’s what they grow up around, it’s no wonder they think they’re above the law.

    • Clive

      Oh, they learned a lesson. That lesson being to not trust cops because they’ll make something up, beat your face in, lie about it, and then get off with a paid vacation.

          • Mark

            I know I did since it didn’t happen. One cop reaches in to get the whiny momma’s boy out of the car. Momma’s boy fights back slapping the hand away and says, and I quote, “get the fuck off me man”, cop pepper sprays MB, MB whines more, cop uses taser.

    • BigBoy

      On the contrary. There was a felony amount of marijuana found on “Mr Big Mouth” in the backseat. One reason (among many) he’s still in Detention after 3 months.

        • chicagojohn

          Its always easy to spot the teen in the comments section, because they use “funny” nicks like “upinyourmom”. Wow, you’re cool. Probably as cool as the whiny kid asking for his mommy before the cops can arrest him…. because he had a felony amount of weed on him.

          • Joe

            Everyone saying that he’s a brat or he’s a mommas boy, ALL OF YOU BETTER GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BECAUSE IF IT WAS YOU or YOUR KID YOU WOULD WANT JUSTICE RIGHT!!! Always have a Video Rec.Ready and Call 911 for a Supervisor ETC. or just stay on the Line and let them hear you Being Wrongly Abused or Beaten. Every Single thing is Wrong here! Police are so lucky that the President Dont fuck your shit up!!!!!!!!

          • Joe

            And there is always a Old Fat Fuck Who never had pussy before, picking on all little kids to boost your ugly fuck self steam

          • chicagojohn

            “Police are so lucky that the President Dont fuck your shit up!!!!!!!!”
            Well, that was about as incoherent as I expected it to be. Just when we thought “upinyourmom” would be the dumbest and most immature statement here, someone regresses further:
            “And there is always a Old Fat Fuck Who never had pussy before, picking on all little kids…”
            As if it needed to be pointed out, Brandon isn’t a little kid. And if your best put down is “you’re fat and you’ve never had pussy before”, then you just might be under the age of 18.

          • Tom

            “To take a single step beyond the boundaries specially drawn around the powers of Congress is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible to definition.”
            -Thomas Jefferson

          • steve

            Tom – you really should study early American history. The quotes you keep posting have no relevance to this article or issue.

            The framers intentionally created a weak federal government, reserving the vast majority of the power to the states and localities. That quote by Jefferson was a warning about the dangers of the federal government exceeding the authority granted to it by the Constitution. Has nothing to do with punks who don’t comply with lawful police orders.

      • s

        Did you miss the part where they said he was charged with simple possession and the charge was later dismissed?

        • steve

          S – You have your facts mixed up. The girl was charged with simple possession, later dismissed (no reason given). The guy had a large amount & was charged with intent to distribute and he’s still incarcerated.

          • chicagojohn

            I think that an outstanding amount of the people posting here are currently stoned… which explains how they can’t actually pay attention to the story.

    • Bob

      They did find Pot in the car. So little princess acting all self righteous and innocent was in fact – Guilty. As was the punk in the backs seat. They deserve everything that happened to them

      • Kevin Nelson

        Out here in Washington State, marijuana is legal for adults 21 and over; sorry kids, you can die in oil wars for Uncle Sam but you can’t smoke pot – that would be dangerous. Anyhow, police can no longer arbitrarily kick down your doors, seize your property and destroy your life over possession of an ounce of marijuana. When police are freed from enforcing arbitrary, destructive laws, respect for them goes up. Imagine that.

    • josh destardi

      You would have made a HORRIBLE Patriot back in the founding days of our Nation. Sellout…’just be quiet, stand in line and the Nazis won’t kill you’. “I’ll just lay here hoping the cops don’t kill me.” “I’ll just do WHATEVER they say, be a good boy and they’ll let me live”. Oh for God’s sake. If you’re too stupid to realize that you’re being a coward and throwing away your rights, that’s on you – don’t try to coach others on how to be subservient.

    • Pug_Luver65

      It’s coming out now that the “17 year old” was loaded with enough weed that he also got charged with intent to distribute and little bigmouth had her purse full of it as well. Hopefully some felony time.

    • Your face because I'm a child

      They were supposedly in their driveway when they got pulled over…. 1. isn’t pulling someone over on private property illegal? 2. Wouldn’t you be a little pissed off too if you got home to be harassed by cops that pulled you over prior to the incident?

    • Dale Bowling

      Once you start allowing police to walk on your civil liberties then they will own you and this country. They had no reason to do this to a you kid (call him a punk if you will it doesn’t matter). As a citizen it isn’t your duty to provide the police with evidence its theirs to prove you have done something wrong. So if they did indeed smell pot on these kids then why not get a drug sniffing dog? From what I have read the officer that originally pulled them over remembered this girl from an arrest he did in the past and thinks this gives him the right to harass her. IT DOESN”T!

        • chicagojohn

          Why do pot heads always believe the one source that they have that disagrees with all of the mainstream sources?
          Is it the pot?

          • Darron C

            Argumentum ad hominum. I don’t use pot, I just think for my self. Why do all the cowards agree with all of the mainstream sources? Is it the fluoride? They had no true cause to search. It was a fishing trip, plain and simple.

          • chicagojohn

            You’re not thinking for yourself at all.
            You’re not even thinking.
            You linked to an article that had nothing to do wit this case, and wasn’t even tangentially related.
            I find it hard to believe that you are not currently smoking pot.

        • steve

          You’re grasping at straws and have used an irrelevant ruling to support your cause. The ruling you cited was based on extended detention “absent reasonable suspicion on the part of the officer”. In the case of the punk kids, the officer not only immediately expressed suspicion, but the courts have already ruled on the legality of such a search. See Bunch v. Commonwealth, 51 Va. App. 491 (2008) and Ervin v. Commonwealth, 57 Va. App. 495 (2011)

          • Darron C

            His suspicion was hardly reasonable, merely stereo typing of a youth. He was simply playing the odds. I imagine if he searches 10 cars, he will have ‘hits’ on over half, without any legitimate indicators. All he has to do is “express suspicion” at the start of each stop. They were stopped for a light out and that’s where is should have ended. Legal doesn’t always mean lawful. One finds that typically those who favour numerous laws hold their common man in contempt.

          • chicagojohn


            Are you seriously arguing that they just “got lucky”???
            C’mon. Stop being stupid.

          • Darron Clark

            Chicago John; You find it hard to believe the truth, yet you think the cop didn’t get lucky in his search. The search was not related to the reason for the stop. The search was not related to anything traffic safety related. There was no consent to the search. There was bullying and speculation, period. I imagine the cop would flip shit if someone treated his own kid like that. You would too if you had any honour.

  • Danny

    Hey WTKR maybe instead of trying to get ratings and hits on your website you should actually report the facts and the news, which again are supposed to be facts, not just the story of a video shown liar which is the girl, and the family trying to not tell the full story. How about reporting if police smell weed coming from your car they don’t need permission to search everywhere in your car, and the people in it for one. Secondly, instead of updating with more divisive facebook post, update it with the facts that WAVY news reported on so easily. First the Police found weed in the purse that they attached to the female in the video, you want to ask her about that, since she doesn’t allow weed in her vehicle? Secondly the 17 year old telling police he won’t get out till his mom is there, which again he doesn’t have a right for unless he is being interrogated, was charged with possession with intent to sell (thats more than just a joint on him), resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice. Thirdly the police were all ready aware of the use of force from the Tazer video, which is FOIA material, why don’t you get on that? Fourth we are to believe the claim of deleted video from a girl on video lying to police, secondly her Facebook is PUBLIC so I suggest you visit it. I could go on and on but I guess actually doing investigative reporting, and asking people on video that lie to police why they lied about the weed in their car is to hard hitting for you. I’ll also add that a simple case search on Virginia Court Case Information site and her name, shows that Public Defender TORGERSON handled her case, again why not see why it was truly dismissed. However, I doubt you will research any of that stuff of just update the simple facts of charges or ask why she lied to Police, or the fact that the guy who refused to get out to be searched didn’t want to get out because he had weed on him. Again don’t put the spotlight on the criminals in this case, put it on the Police. How disgusting is this attorney for comparing the murder of a fleeing man by a cop, to a punk drug carrying 17 year old mouthing off and getting the proper response to get him out the car.

    • U.S. Soldier

      Because the news here isn’t that a 17 year old got busted for pot. Or that a 17 year old lied. That quite literally happens every day. Everywhere. The news here, no matter what the underlying circumstances, was that a minor was maced and tazed while his hands were visibly in his lap. If multiple officers can’t find a better way to subdue an unarmed and non-hostile minor…then they shouldn’t be officers. This is for the sake of people’s safety -and- the established level of trust between citizens and law enforcement.

      • chicagojohn

        Since you’re apparently trained on how to detain people who resist, without using force, explain to us how you would pull someone out of a car who is resisting?
        Also, if you wouldn’t mind, remind us, again.. why cops have tazers and pepper spray?

          • chicagojohn

            You couldn’t be more obvious that you are avoiding my question.
            I’ll ask again:
            How would you deal with someone who is resisting?
            And it is not the cop’s responsibility to not resist. It is the citizens.

        • Harley Davin

          Sure thing. I would have told him to wait in the car, inform him he was being detained, and CALLED HIS MOTHER just like he asked. Like I said, simple psychology. Is the cop obligated to go that extra mile? Certainly not.. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. That cop just had to assert his authority and escalate it into a violent encounter. BECAUSE HES A COP DO AS I SAY RIGHT NOW. Theres no reason for it, other than to assert authority, but with authority should come responsibility. And I expect someone with a college degree (most departments require police to have them nowadays), someone who went through the police academy and somebody trusted with a gun to act with a little more discretion. Now, if the guy was an adult we wouldn’t be having this conversation, the fact is he isn’t. Hes an immature kid, who needs a spanking, he doesn’t need a brutal assault by a cop on a power trip. Cops have tasers and pepper spray for violent, out of control people (this kid was clearly neither, and if you see different in that video, you need a reality check) they have difficulty restraining, they’re not toys for pricks who can’t stand the fact that somebody would have the audacity to ignore them.

          • chicagojohn

            You really are that dumb.
            You honestly expect the cops to call the parents before doing anything, whenever the kid resists arrest?
            “I would like to detain you. But since you told me that I can’t do anything before asking your parent first, I will call them. Now will you please give me her phone number… and I’ll presume that you’ll be completely honest about it, since you are high and non-compliant.”
            Harley; he had good reason to assert his authority.
            He is the authority.
            He had pulled them over. They were high and driving. Go figure.
            ” Cops have tasers and pepper spray for violent, out of control people ”

            Again, idiot. Cops do not merely have tasers and pepper spray for anyone who is violent. They have pepper spray and tasers for people who are non-compliant. (It used to be that they had to use a baton. Now they use tasers. Go figure… people dont’ like Tasers.)

            You’re still ducking the question.
            The cop calls up “mom”. “Mom” says that he doesn’t have to comply.
            Now what does the cop do?

          • BigBoy

            And if “Mommy Dearest” was an hour away…or high/drunk herself? I guess the LEO was supposed to sit there and wait? Get real. He put himself in a adult situation. He needs to be treated like an adult. A non compliant adult.

      • k7ben

        How in the world do you call that ‘ non-hostile’? He told them multiple times that he wasn’t going to comply because he was 17 and he was given at least three warnings that he would be tazed. Getting tazed was no one’s fault but his.

        • Kuro Neko

          I wish I was a police officer, then I could order anybody to do things under the threat of tazing and then justify my actions by saying that I first generously gave them the choice between compliance or 1200 volts to the face.

          • chicagojohn

            I wish that I could use the logic of a stoned 17 year old to explain how “you can’t make me comply with the law!”

          • k7ben

            That’s how it works. Would you like it better if no one had to listen to the police? How about we git rid of them? Why don’t you apply to be a police officer since you think the job is so privileged. I never saw the tazer his his face.

      • Alan

        First, if you truly are a US Soldier, I thank you for your service. But you are wrong. He was not maced or tazed because he had pot on him. He was maced and tazed because he refused to obey lawful orders of a police officer made incident to a legal traffic stop. He escalated the situation to non-lethal force and, had he kept it up even a few minutes more, I can guarantee firearms would have been unholstered as that is a definite sign for police officers to protect themselves. This criminal (yes – he and the driver are criminals) did this all to themselves. The police acted absolutely proper.

    • John

      But Danny, He wanted his mommy. ha ha ha Charges should be brought againest the both of them, and none dismissed. What is it going to take for people to be accountable Black or White for their crimes…

    • Pete Dooley

      Boy you have some torture-by-tag-light justifications don’t you? All made up I might add. If you read the article the kid is still in the slammer. Her charge was DISMISSED. The kid (a passenger) who was being pepper sprayed, punched and Tased.. was charged with Assault on a Police Officer. Even the police chief is questioning this garbage.

      It is very dangerous to have armed rubes running around trying to intimidate kids. Taxpayers are doling out millions to cover for inept bully cops when the cites get sued. Keep the “good ones” and get rid of the freak bully losers.

      Perverts and killers are being let out of jail so numbskull rednecks can fill up jails with (Maybe) pot smokers. A guy just got gunned down for a broken tail light in Charleston, This girl (might) have had a non functioning tag light. Go fight some real crime and stop harassing American citizens.

      “Courtney was issued a summons for a charge of Simple Possession of Marijuana. That charge was dismissed.
      NewsChannel 3 spoke with the attorney for Brandon’s family who says Brandon was charged with assault on a police officer. Police would not confirm his charges.”

      • danny

        You are truly ignorant, why don’t you read a real news site wavy news for instance. The family of the boy are also lying which this news site doesn’t acknowledge. He was charged with assault
        And battery for smacking the law enforcements arm, obstruction of justice, and here is the shocker Pete Dooley the ignorant fool, he was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. That means he had a decent amount on him, which is why he wanted his mommy. Jump off a bridge Pete.

  • chicagojohn

    The girl who said that she doesn’t allow weed in her car had weed in her purse.
    When confronted by the cops, she lied her butt off. Go figure, the cops figured out that she was lying, and tried, politely, to get her out of the car.
    She kept lying. Her backseat boyfriend kept lying.
    The cops knew better. Go figure… when you run into liars everyday, you start to figure out when people are lying and defensive.
    After trying for a good minute to get the dumb kid out of the car, they finally have to taze the stoned idiot.
    Now the girl went to mommy to complain, because, you know, weed in her purse.

    So now the girl is saying that the cops deleted her video. Right. In which case, the end of the video should show the cop staring at the phone, getting ready to press delete. Yes???

  • k7ben

    If these hadn’t have been combative and complied none of this would have happened. He was told multiple times that he would be tased. HE CHOSE to be tased. I don’t any abuse of force here. No one cares that you are 17. It looks like the girl did have weed, so it seems like they weren’t making that up.

  • mike robinson

    This is why body cameras should be the norm with police forces everywhere, to stop police brutality. Yes the boy not man should’ve complied, but the cop went over the edge with the amount of force he used to detain the minor. If the knew cop he was in the right why did he try to delete the video off the girl’s phone?

    • chicagojohn

      Mike… you do realize that its the very same girl who was busted with pot on her (in her purse, after telling the cops it wasn’t allowed in her car) that told you that the cops had “deleted” her video?
      Ever think that there may be a reason why she said that?

      • Harley Davin

        You need to check your sources, the cops DID delete the video. There is a full video floating around out there with the cops messing with the phone, the video was found in the recycle bin. Does that change your opinion at all? Or are you going to continue to stick to your stupid assumptions?

  • Shinise

    I personally think the officer did not over used force he asked him several times to step out the car and that kid knew he had done wrong, now to try to make this like other police arrest harassment that went too far is so not fair. That teen didn’t lose his life he just needs to listen and follow orders of the officers when asked!!!! Something like this will make officers feel they cant do their job. We all see the situations that all ended up deadly that really needed to be address not a brat kid that made his own acting out scene like he is above the law no other teen in another city,state or country would have acted like that.

  • syd king

    Videos like this need to stop being brought up in the media and bringing negativity towards these police officers… People seem to forget the police officers have authority over civilians through laws that are put in place by the Criminal Justice System. It is with these laws that the police officers enforce to make our country a safer place. And the officer in this video obviously had his suspicions that these suspects were breaking one of those laws, hence why they were pulled over. Yes, the officer did go overboard in this video by tasering and pepper spraying the young man, however, the officer wouldn’t have had to pursue such drastic measures if the suspect was compliant and got out of the car when told to do so. Regardless of him being 17 or not you still have to obey the officers instructions, and the officer can arrest you without your mother being present, which the young man was too arrogant to understand. There’s two sides to this issue spreading throughout the media that some people are failing to realize.
    We are questioning officers authority when we disobey their orders and ask unnecessary, dumb questions like the lady did in this video. Anyone would get frustrated if someone was being a disrespectful towards them just like the teenagers were in this video. Teenagers and young adults think they’re being smart by trying to raise awareness about this “problem”, but they are ones causing it. If you are compliant and polite with the officer, they won’t attack you for no reason.
    There is one common problem amongst all these videos that are going viral, and that is that the people aren’t respecting the officers authority and are, in some cases, resisting arrest, and that is why they are getting themselves into more trouble.

    • Shinise

      I agree you said it so right I pray that officer or officers don’t lose their job over some real disrespect if the parents could only control their own kids no one would have to check them its all about respect.

  • Kenny Williams

    Most police officers do their jobs correctly. But sadly a lot of them no worse than common thugs, criminals and gangsters. It doesn’t matter if these young people may or may not have committed a crime. The police do not have a right to beat and tase people without cause. This has nothing to do with black or white. This is all about the police not doing what their jobs. They are supposed to protect and serve the public. They are not supposed to play judge, jury and executioner.

  • Kevin Nelson

    Out here in Washington State, marijuana is legal for adults 21 and over; sorry kids, you can die in oil wars for Uncle Sam but you can’t smoke pot – that would be dangerous. Anyhow, police can no longer arbitrarily kill down your doors, seize your property and destroy your life over possession of an ounce of marijuana. When police are freed from enforcing arbitrary, destructive laws, respect for them goes up. Imagine that.

  • Toughcop

    Those kids are lucky I wasn’t the one that pulled them over. I’d have beaten that kid within an inch of his life and ditch his unconscious body in a remote area. As for the girl I’d have taught her a lesson she would not soon forget. Wink. Who they gonna believe? 2 kids with an arbitrarily illegal plant or me with my badge and limited training.

  • danny

    The chief of police is a spineless gutless wonder. I hope all va beach officers let hoodlums run rampant at beach week because If they use force this coward of a chief won’t back them. His comments are cowardly and what he thinks the public wants to hear in the light of true brutality on camera, which this is not. He needs to be forced to resign and the officers should turn their back on him.

  • James Bronson

    Kid got off easy because he is white; he should count himself lucky that he got roughed up a bit instead of taking the long nap in a coffin. We all know had this teen been black, it would have been another murder in the news.

  • Jenny Hover Simmons

    Honestly Brandon was a big mouth punk. Had he once just done what he was told none of that would have happened. ANd apparently he was carrying a large amount of weed, hence the smell.

    • Russ

      That kid is obviously a druggie, and by how he’s acting/sounding, completely homo. Glad he’s facing felony time

  • William Pike

    pepper spray, (or mace) a punch to the face and tazed, second taze when he said OK, I’m getting out of the car” I live in VA Beach,, I know some of the cops here are out of control,, they are trained as a military strike force,, they have forgotten the “To Protect and Serve” (it’s not even on the cars anymore)

  • Dale

    I support the officer. The officer was just doing his job. The kid was an idiot and should have gotten out of the car when first asked to do so. The only reason he did not was because he knew there were drugs in the car. The parents need to do a better job raising their kids and stop trying to put this on the officer.

  • Make it stop.

    Ok folks. There is some real problems with this story. I will concentrate on them one at a time.
    The idea that the video was deleted by the VBPD. She (girl with pot in her purse and liar on video “I don’t allow pot in my car”) is the ONLY source for the accusation that the video was deleted. Seeing as she is a teen, driving, and has a phone…most likely, this phone is a smart phone…(iphone most likely). This phone, unless specifically configured this way, automatically uploads the photos and videos to the cloud. Here’s the clencher…neither Iphone nor android have a recycle bin. Both have deleted items, but not a recycle bin (windows term) There is supposedly a video showing the police deleting the video, but the only video seen is the same one that shows the VBPD officer turning off the camera. Why is this surfacing now, after 90 days after the incident? There are ways to make the video, or even the phone, disappear. What teen doesn’t have their phone locked?

    The boy in the back, who kept calling for mommy. There is no way that any officer would allow a call to be made during this time, and wait for the arrival of others. No matter what. The officer is not going to put himself in possible risk by allowing this teen (supposedly) to make a call for backup, before complying with the demands of the PD. Just because he says he is going to call for Mommy, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t end up calling friends who have just as much of a disrespect for PD. Imagine this….he calls for Mommy. Actually calls buddies, who show up 12 deep, and overwhelm the officers at the scene. What would be the reaction then? Officer ends up using more permanent force to try to affect this arrest. That is, if the teen’s friends don’t show up and gun the officers down in a driveby. Allow a call for backup? Not a chance.

    From what I have pickup up about this particular stop, is that the girl was pulled over for a malfunctioning signal light. That is a legal reason to stop the car. Once the officer approached the car, smelled the odor of pot. At this time, there is probable cause and suspicion that there is pot in the vehicle. This is no longer a simple traffic stop. The teen driver has at this point lost the right of protection from unlawful search and seizure. (protection does not mean resist at the time…it means the search can be tossed as evidence and whole case thrown out). The search is now justified. This situation was exacerbated by the teen in the back acting suspiciously. (turn the camera on)….who would do that for a simple traffic stop, if not trying to hide something, and further more, trying to bait the PD into a situation.

    Keep in mind…VBPD has had the video from the tazer as well as the squad car dashcam video in their possession since that night. They have already begun their own investigation, and this was not something new to them. Simply another angle on the same incident.

    Moral of the story? If asked to step from the car, don’t resist. State your objections, but do not physically resist. This will only make things worse. In a simple traffic stop, PD WANTS you to stay IN your car. If they want you OUT of the car, THERE IS A REASON.

    If this combative teen had simply complied with the demands of the PD officer, none of this would have happened.


  • Tom

    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
    ~ Patrick Henry

    “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” -John Basil Barnhill.

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left unfettered to its irresponsible action.”
    – George Washington

    • steve

      Again, you really should study early American history. The quotes you keep posting have no relevance to this article or issue.

      The quote of Patrick Henry was about the limitations of the powers of the federal government.

      The Barnhill quote was relevant to the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution. If you research further you’ll find that Jefferson predicted that we’ll have to overthrow our government every 20 years in order to preserve the Constitution.

      The historians at Mount Vernon confirm that the Washington quote is bogus – he never said that

  • Loxy

    The fact that the girl in this video was questioned after everything that happened and still denied there being the drugs in her car. Why hide it on camera even if there wasn’t any drugs in the car the fact that it stilled smelled like it is a good enough reason to get pulled over and for the man in the back seat I don’t feel bad for him at all if he would have listened to the police officer and gotten out of the car when he was asked nicely the 1st time he would have never gotten tazed. Their attempt at trying to make it look like an police officer abusing there power just for attention is sad. Yes there are those cops that do abuse their power but in this case these ones were not, they were doing their job so therefore nothing was wrong about what happened.

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