“Stop the Violence Now”: Community takes action after two teens murdered in Newport News

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Newport News, Va. - Two teens were shot to death in Newport News on Monday night. It happened in the 800 block of 25th Street just before 10:30 p.m.

Police arrived and found the two teen victims outside of a home. They were pronounced dead at the scene, police say.

The female victim was identified as 13-year-old Jada Richardson of Hampton, and the male victim was identified as 17-year-old Dominigo Santiago Davis, Jr. of Newport News.

Both teens were attending a social gathering at a home on 25th Street when the incident occurred.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 3 they heard six to nine shots fired.

Newport News Police Chief Richard Myers said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon that witnesses to the incident have been uncooperative thus far. They do not yet have a motive, but evidence shows gang involvement was an element in the incident.

"We understand people may be reluctant to speak to police. They may be afraid for safety they may not have relationship or trust with police. But everyone has a trusting relationship with someone," he says.

Chief Myers also reiterated that Crime Line callers can remain anonymous.

Mayor McKinley L. Price also spoke at the press conference, making a plea to the community to end acts of violence like this one.

"I'm pleading with the community. Please do something to stop this," he said. "We cannot continue to live like this."

It was also announced Tuesday that in an effort to reduce the number of juveniles that have become involved in crimes, both as victims and suspects, Newport News Police's South Precinct will be conducting a curfew operation this week from Thursday to Sunday.

Officers will focus additional efforts looking for juveniles violating the city's curfew law between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Offenders will be taken into custody and taken to the South Precinct where they can be retrieved by their parents or guardians. They will also be issued a summons for violating curfew.

The community in Newport News is taking action as well.

"Something does need to be done," said Reverend Samuel Green of St. John's Church of God in Christ.

The church is just down the road from where the murder happened. Green says he went a vigil held for the teens on Tuesday night to start building that trust between church, community and police.

"We can't bring the kids back, but we can bring justice forward," Reverend Green said. "Our cause is to help our community to be the best community it can be."

Green says Thursday morning there is a meeting scheduled between ministers in the neighborhood to see what they can do to stop the violence in the neighborhood.

Also, the Royal Men of Solomon #40 Masonic Lodge in Newport News is also hosting a forum to bring together ideas and come up with solutions on how to curve crime. That forum will be at the Hiram Grand Lodge at 2400 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News on April 25th at 2pm.

In the meantime, family and friends of the murdered teens were at the vigil on Tuesday are asking people with information to come forward.

"We can burn a little candles and rest in peace and all that but it would be better if the people that were out there and saw something to say something," said Dominigo's Aunt Marie.

At this time, there is still no information on suspects. The incident remains under investigation.

If you know anything about this crime, please call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


  • ethel

    Plumber, it’s not a financial gain for the naacp to investigate black on black murders. I suspect they already know why, anyway.

    • #1plumber


  • Windy

    hey man, can you change your name from #1Plumber to number 1 troll? Seems to better fit. You and BigBoy seems to always win the troll prize. Probably one in the same anyway. From captain to plumber?

  • andanotherthing

    You’ll see no community outrage. You’ll see no protest, marches or rioting. You MIGHT see a one night candle light “vigil” to help sooth the immediate family members. But one has to ask why there isn’t outrage when this happens? Why aren’t people standing out it the streets screaming for “justice”? Likely there has been no witnesses coming forward with video or any sort of statements to police. No, instead they choose to close their blinds, shut their doors, and place their heads firmly back into the sand. And these are the very same people that are always screaming that “someone needs to do something”. Just who is that “someone” anyway?

  • andanotherthing

    So he’s 17 years old and already has an extensive criminal record? Gang activity? Say it isn’t so. Evidently wanting to live that “thug life”. And that always leads to just TWO places…….PRISON and the CEMETERY. It’s too bad that he chose, at 17, to follow criminals down the toilet……..

  • Deborah

    It is so sad that so many young people are losing their lives; however, I would like to know what is wrong with these young blacks who continuously take lives. Why won’t someone come forward and tell who these punks are? Parents what are you doing, what are you teaching these kids? Teach them to respect life and others. I am a woman of color and a mother and I do not understand how parents can allow their children to do as they please, come when they please, dress as they please. They do not set standards for these thugs and this is why they can kill like they do. It is time for the authorities to put an end to such violence. Impose laws to keep them off of the street. It is time to stop this killing, get educated and learn how to love and respect each other. Blacks can holler when a white cop kills a black male; yet blacks kill each other daily and there is silence in the neighborhood. Think about it!!

  • Coop

    Who the ef lets their thirteen year old hang out there on a school night so late? No sympathy for parents who don’t want to parent until it’s too late. I feel sorry for their loss, but what else do you think is going to happen? Had she not been out past the LEGAL curfew she’d have at least seen another day.

  • ethel

    Its CURB crime, not curve (in the article).

    Every male adult needs to take shifts walking the neighborhood and making a presence. Adult family members need to lay down the rules of the household (and life) to the kids. The whole community needs to voluntarily enforce a curfew and stick to it. No one else can change a neighborhood except those who live there and it starts in the home and doesn’t stop after a day or two. Now get busy before more children die needlessly!

    • andanotherthing

      Like that’s even going to happen. The only thing you’ll hear is that “someone needs to do something”. Meaning that, as usual, people expect someone ELSE to do things FOR them. And when the police TRY to stop crime and the like the first thing that pops out is the “race card”.

  • Duckhomie

    It’s your children doing the shooting and the dyeing, all the candle light vigils in the world will not teach your children to respect life and property, act properly and stay in school. This will continue, unfortunately.

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