Dog owner charged after attack in Norfolk neighborhood

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Norfolk, Va. - Four people were hurt after police say they were attacked by three pit bulls in Norfolk. Now the dogs' owner Eugene Wilson Jr. has been charged.

Elijah McGuire and Damon Martin, both 11-years-old, were taken to the hospital, according to their parents.

Both Elijah's dad and Damon's mom exclusive spoke to NewsChannel 3 about the attack.

"As a mother, my heart dropped," Damon's mom Duchess Martin said.

It happened just before 8 p.m. at the 700 of Denison Avenue.

"It's scary," Martin added. "I'm sitting there on the phone with my mom and I was like, 'Man, the paramedics are coming and the fire department too. What is going on?' and right after that, I get a phone call and I hear my son in the background screaming."

Elijah's dad, Darius McGuire didn't see the attack, but says the two best friends were playing a  game of pickup basketball when it happened.

"Three dogs came in their direction and my son jumped up on a car, but his friend was being bitten," he said.

That's when Elijah took action to save his best friend.

"When he saw his friend being bitten he jumped off the car and decided to kick the dogs," McGuire added. "He's a hero. The dogs then grabbed onto his ankles and his friend was bitten way worse."

Two other men, including Jared Holmes, were also attacked when they tried to intervene.

"One of the pit pulls grabbed me in the side and as I went down to get him off, the dog came up and came towards my neck and that's when he swung his bat and all three dispersed," says  Jared Holmes.

All three dogs are now under a 10-day quarantine and will be taken to the Norfolk Animal Shelter.

Police have charged Eugene Wilson, Jr. with three counts each of  Failure to Pay City License Tax, Failure to Vaccinate, Maintaining a Nuisance Animal and Maintaining a Dangerous Animal.

Online court documents show Wilson was found guilty just last year on three counts of Dogs at Large.


    • lee77

      Those present said the dogs were pit bulls and that’s what they were. The only people who can’t identify a pit bull when they see one are the pit bull advocates.

      • Thinking One

        Please don’t call them advocates. They do not care about pits.

        Look at what they cause by mongering pits:
        pits breeding and dying like flies, a million surplus pits born, year after year, dog fighting growing, fighting dogs being shipped around the world.
        Bully people are pit OWNER advocates or pit mongers, but dog welfare doesn’t matter to them.

  • Jackie Harris

    A dog bites him in the side and puts a child in the hopital but the Dogs were no VICIOUS??? Must be the owner!.

  • Helen

    He ” saw the dogs attacking a group of kids” but also…” the dogs were not vicious.” So which is it? It sounds like the dogs were rough-housing with some kids ( very possibly started by the kids) and now they will probably be euthanized due to human ignorance and lack of responsibility. Very sad. I’m sorry the man got those slight nips or scratches on his neck but that hardly looks like he was attacked. I’ve had worse wounds just from playing with my friends beagle puppy. Not to mention my sisters cat. Pathetic.

    • Helen

      I am by the way, sorry to see the little boy was hurt. I’m just not convinced- if the dogs weren’t ” vicious” according to a person who was there- that it wasn’t play that got out of hand. The responsibility probably, as usual, lays with the owner s if these dog were running loose. Or were they? Since all three kids ” dispersed” after the man showed up trying to help it makes me wonder.

  • mark pen

    Newsflash, those wounds were not caused by play that got out of hand. Second newsflash, Yes, we know what pitbulls look like.

  • ThinkingOne

    Good pits are happy when mauling. When Cindy Whitman’s neighbor saw Cindy and her pit bull in the back yard, he thought they were playing. Then he realized the dog was killing her. When he entered the back yard, the bloody pit was licking her face., but he had killed her.

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