Admitted bank robber on Virginia Beach K9 attack: ‘I feel responsible’

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Virginia Beach, Va. - An 11-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a Virginia Beach Police dog on Monday afternoon.

NewsChannel 3 has obtained surveillance video that shows the child being attacked See the clips below. 

The boy and his mother were staying in the America's Best Inn on Northampton Boulevard, according to the boy's grandfather, Spencer Luedke.

Monday afternoon, Virginia Beach Police were conducting a search with dogs at the hotel after a bank robbery that had occurred at a Wells Fargo branch on Independence Boulevard.

According to police, as the K9 team moved in, the boy came down the hallway at the hotel and ran into the dog. Despite being on a tight leash, the dog immediately reacted by biting the boy.

"The boy basically ran right into the dog, and the dog reacted," said Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The bite happened very quickly, according to police. The dog latched onto the boy and the handler immediately took him right off. Police say a prolonged bite would have resulted in much worse injuries.

Police say they attended to the boy and his mother while they waited for rescue teams to arrive. The boy was taken to the hospital where he received stitches and was released.

Chief Cervera said they spoke to the boy's mother and father to let them know they were concerned.

Risk management contacted the family and advised that they will cover the boy's hospital bills. Any further medical attention will be picked up by the city as well.

As for the dog and handler, they are being given additional training before returning to full duty.

NewsChannel 3 spoke to Joshua Allen who actually admitted to robbing the bank. He says he feels responsible for what happened to the child.

He says he did not have a weapon and this was a desperate act because he was homeless and out of a job.

"I know it was wrong, but at the time like, I said if u don`t have food, if you don`t have shelter, if you don`t have warmth for long enough, your mind starts thinking in different directions than you normally think," says Allen.

Allen says after the robbery, he got a room at America’s Best Value Inn on Northampton Boulevard with his girlfriend.

"She was afraid to call the police, so I called in the police," says Amanda Luedke, the child's mother.

Camaran and his mom were there too, in town for a brief stop as they moved to North Carolina.

She says she's friends with Allen's girlfriend who saw something about the bank robbery on Facebook and knew in the surveillance photo, it was Allen.

But as police arrived, Allen says he was at a nearby gas station. Police were looking for him with a k-9 unit. That's when the dog bit Cameran.

Allen was captured moments later.

"I feel like I wish I could take everything back," says Allen.

And now the department is looking into what happened through what the chief calls an inquiry. There won't be a full investigation because the chief says he's confident this was all a mistake.




      • Chris

        It isn’t an accident. The handler must have control of the dog at all times and the dog is trained to respond to the handler’s commands. The city will pay a huge settlement for this and the K9 officer should be relieved.

        • easymoney

          The dog is a living being and will react to stimulus just like you. You can’t have complete control of an animal in any,every and all situations. Don’t know how it happened, but suspect that the dog was startled and instantly reacted. I agree the city will pay and should pay, but not a massive amount.

        • Dman

          Are you a dog whisperer? It seems you do not nor ever have owned or worked an animal. The dog was under control- on a leash. The boy ran around a car and ran face first into the dog. Do that in your neighborhood and you will get bit too. The dog may have perceived an attack and defended itself and the Officer.

    • Jaden

      holy shit whats wrong with you kid ran into the dog the dog reacted how its trained to do dont kill or fire the officers it was an accident in a tense situation also when i was 11 i knew better than to run into a police dog so screw off

        • David

          probably the one that shows a kid running full speed down an outside hotel corrider, and into the path 18 inches in front of a canine. . . . Second video on this page…..named: Raw Video: K-9 attacks child in Virginia Beach…..Note: this isn’t the video that begins with a carefully choosen spot with a kid standing with his hands in the air and concludes 2 seconds later with the trained officer pulling the trained canine from the child….this is the one that shows a child RUNNING INTO A DOG.

    • Amy S.

      Oo and of course the mother has no responsibility letting her child run amuck not paying attention. He ran into a loaded weapon. It reacted.

  • Helen

    Don’t put the dog down for doing what he was trained to do. Dog’s are very receptive to what we as humans train them to do. I love the Shepards- but has anyone has ever questioned why they use these dogs and not the ” bully breeds” ( I.E. Pit Bulls) since so many think they are the most aggressive and ” best” type of guard dogs. Simple answer- they actually score very low on the aggressive scale towards humans. Another reason to people to do some research before people think ” pit bull type” dogs are known for being aggressive towards humans, it’s simply not true and the facts back that up.

  • Timmmy_McFadden

    If they were living there his mom is probably a meth head. The dog smelled the meth on the dog and did his job. Not to worry, the city will pay mom, so it’s sweet deal anyway.

      • Marie

        You have no right to judge people you don’t know. I know the family to and they are not druggies. Think before you speak. He was just going to the vending machine for a pop. His mom was already down there and nobody knew what was going on at the time.

    • Tracy Greene Benton

      they were visiting the family and staying in the hotel while there. i know this family they use to be my neighbors. Cameron is a great young man. and it is sad to hear about this happening.

    • Matthew John

      LOL read this out loud a few times and try and convince me you aren’t uneducated white trash. “If they were living there his mom is probably a meth head. The dog smelled the meth on the dog and did his job. Not to worry, the city will pay mom, so it’s sweet deal anyway.” Come on do it.

  • Amy S.

    Here is the thing. You have a VERY stimulated situation going on with a search. You have a mother NOT controlling her child and allowing him to run around not paing attention. Personally i think the MOTHER should pay NOT the City

    • Nunya

      Letting an 11 year old go to a vending machine at a hotel is not controlling your child?? We are talking about a child not a dog.. sounds like you think they should be fined for not having the boy on a leash!

    • Nunya

      And if you noticed it was mentioned that no one was informed of the search.. I have a feeling if thus was your child, you would be singing a different tune!

      • Amy S.

        Nope because i wouldn’t have let my child run to the point he couldn’t stop and run into someone. I bet if the boy would hit a elderly person and knocking them amd breaking something you all would be singing a different tune.

  • Anne Justus

    It is not the dog’s fault. The officer failed to maintain control. The dog was in worming in search mode. The officer should have been able to call the dog down as soon as he saw it wasn’t the robber.

  • April

    What about the cops securing the area and making sure people stayed in their rooms or out of the way until they were done with the search. Too much effort for the cops to make sure someone doesn’t get hurt? What if a shooting took place during this at the hotel and someone innocent was killed because they didn’t secure the hotel.

  • CA Shutterbug

    Dog attacks happen too often to do nothing.
    We hear about dog attack stories all the time, yet nothing new is done to pro-actively protect our families, elderly, and children from dog attacks.

    Right now, the problem is ambiguity and subjectivity in handling of dog attacks. The safety of communities across the nation is being threatened by a system that fails to be pro-active, definitive, and consistent in handling of dog attacks. Specifically in regards to this, the effectiveness of municipal services is questionable at best, failing at worst, and without a doubt—not pro-active.

    Nationally and locally dog attacks occur on a daily basis–it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed with serious action. People everywhere, including elderly and children are being mauled, injured, and killed. Additionally, there is no step forward in pro-actively addressing the financial burden of medical costs associated with dog attacks, leaving victims with substantial bills on top of trauma.

    Fighting dog and Guard dog breeds are powerful, dangerous animals, not to be taken lightly like your average pet.

    We need:
    1. Stricter legislation, and criminal prosecution in egregious cases.
    2. Mandatory liability insurance for owners of large and powerful dog breeds.
    3. Ban home breeding of dangerous dogs.
    4. Mandatory immediate confiscation of unlicensed and unvaccinated dogs.

    Write your Governors and Senators, and ask them to protect our families and children. Ask them for stricter legislation and criminal prosecutions, ask them for mandatory liability insurance, ask them to ban home breeding of dangerous dogs, and ask them for mandatory confiscation of unlicensed and unvaccinated dogs.

    • ethel

      Oh well hell, let’s just kill off every living species except humans. Oh wait that won’t work! Humans are the most dangerous and deadly species on this planet.

  • So Over the Media telling us what to think.

    WTKR what are you intending to suggest or incite by continually perpetuating this tragic accident? Its been on your pages and now video shown……it seems to be the trend in media now to try and vilify the police no matter what they do. Try living in their shoes for a day or what, do you not want anyone to respect police or better yet let the people police themselves? This is getting old and is so disgraceful to those that put their lives on the line. I understand holding the police responsible for doing what they are trained to do and not abuse their power, but what about the responsibility of society in generally.

  • Ashley

    There is no reason to put this dog down or fire the officer. They are doing what they are supposed to. Who lets their 11 year old run around an active police search? The mother knew – as the person who called it in – that officers were coming, she saw the K9 unit arrive, and still didn’t keep her child in a safe – that’s on her. I feel for the child, but he ran up behind the K9 and handler. More training on the release of a suspect might be called for, but definitely not euthanizing the dog or removing the handler from duty. SMH – accountability goes to the parent on this one.

  • Shane Shaw

    recently, my sister who is an attorney, happened to be on the wrong end of the law in Va Beach for a change, she was dismayed how easily and profusely the police officer she had contact with lied about what really happened. The truth is police will lie to protect themselves, other police will lie to protect other police, the DA will lie to protect them all and then try to prosecute you to cover up that lie, the judges almost invariably side with the police and the DA’s even though they know they are lying. Justice is increasingly rare this country..

    • Theycrazy

      Cool story bro. Not exactly sure how it fits here, but OK. Sorry about your Sister. Live here long enuf you learn to stay away from the cops at the beach.

    • Confirmed

      uh huh . . . . . Never fails, person is wrong but not their fault. Must be the cops and the crooked system. I’m not saying what you allege never happens, it does . . . in every profession. However, your blanket statement is out of line and a slap on an entire profession that is not warranted. Next time tell her to pay her ticket or whatever it was and don’t deflect blame on others when better than 9 times out of 10 when the cops and the system is blamed and that all they weree doing is enforcing the laws enacted by those you vote for. As in your sister’s case, it’s never their fault. Plenty of crappy defense attorneys too. Doesn’t mean the entire profession gets broad brushed as corrupt.

  • Josh Hannah

    Watch carefully. The boy DID NOT run into the dog. He ran out the hallway just in front of the dog, likely surprising it and causing the bite reaction. He didn’t run into it as the police spokesman said.

  • Mitch

    It was an unfortunate accident. You have a hyper-stimulated dog who is trained to be aware of possible threats in his surroundings and protect his handler at all costs, including giving his life. You have a child running, another stimulation for a dog. The child DOES turn toward the area where the dog is, he then turns and runs the other way. The dog and handler don’t know who is coming around that corner and they are dealing with a criminal while all this is going on. The dog reacts and takes down what he perceives is a threat. A terrible accident.
    Accidents, they happen. Calling for the dog to be euthanized is ridiculous. The officer isn’t at fault, the dog isn’t at fault, the child isn’t at fault, and the mom isn’t at fault. The child will be certainly be physically scared for life and possibly mentally. A lawsuit will follow and the mom will be accused of being a money grubber or worse.
    The police officer and dog will be vilified and the child and mom will be vilified. In actuality it was unintentional and all the training in the world won’t ever guarantee it will never happen again.
    It is easy for the armchair quarterbacks to be judge and jury from what you see and rewind and see over and over again. What happened, happened in a highly charged few seconds. To the people involved everything happened so quick they had little time to react, but it also seemed like a lifetime to them. Perception is a funny thing.
    PS All the calls for more officers to be out with K-9 units. Good luck with that. Are you volunteering to pay more in taxes? Yeah, sure you are.

    • Josh Hannah

      Mitch, not sure what your watching but the boy doesn’t turn toward the area, etc. He’s running down a hallway oblivious and exits with cop and dog to his left…the leashed dog lunges and grabs him below his left scapula… a tragic accident, really. But the kid did not make physical contact with animal before he was bit…

      • Mitch

        The child does not do a full turn. He veers to the left evidently sees the dog and goes to the right. I have seen children do this same thing while playing. It is very quick, but it is there.

      • Mitch

        I never said the dog and child make contact. I said I could see where the distracted cop could think there was contact. Big difference.

  • Joy

    I blame the police officer for failing to control the dog and the parent(s) for lack of supervision. I truly believe the city was so quick to volunteer to pay the child’s medical expenses because they were trying to avoid an expensive lawsuit. (The officer doesn’t deserve to be fired & the dog doesn’t need to be put down)

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