Former friend on accused police impersonator: ‘He’s a huge con artist’

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Norfolk, Va. (WTKR) - A woman who says she used to be best friends with an accused police impersonator now says he completely fooled her.

Kyle Adams is currently in jail facing charges of two counts of Impersonating a Police Officer, two counts of Abduction and two counts of Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony in Norfolk.

His preliminary hearing in Norfolk General District Court was continued on Monday and he was also denied bond again at that time.

Lisa Hall says she met Adams about 5 years ago and they quickly became friends.

"We were very close friends. Best friends. He went to family functions. He was at my daughter’s graduation; he was at my youngest daughter’s Sweet 16," Hall told NewsChannel 3's Todd Corillo in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

She says the man she sees now is completely different from the man she first met.

"He wanted to be the Governor of Virginia one day. He had goals and so all of this is just shocking," Hall stated.

A few years ago Hall pressed charges against Adams, alleging he stole $1,700 from her wallet.

"He was found not guilty by reasonable doubt. I couldn’t prove my case 100% that he stole it. My opinion is he did steal it," Hall said.

Adams was on probation at the time of his November arrest for an embezzlement conviction in Hampton.

Now Hall calls her former friend "a huge con-artist" and she says she questions everything about their friendship.

"My daughters looked up to him and respected him. The fact that I brought this man around my children I second guess myself all the time – like 'Oh my God' how did I not see the signs?"

Adams is due back in court in March.


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  • Outsidethelines

    I had the misfortune of meeting this guy one time at a political event. I can’t recall EVER meeting anyone as rude and overbearing as he was. He got up in my and my friend’s face (both female) and basically told us we were idiots. I don’t suffer fools well, so I just laughed at him but at the same time, he was a bit scary.

    Who is the idiot now? Karma’s a biotch!

  • Dale Bennett

    GC12029440-00 ADAMS, KYLE 03/13/2013 11:00 AM EMBEZZLEMENT: >=$200

    GT10041946-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL 12/07/2010 08:30 AM 42/25 SP
    GT11014870-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL 05/19/2011 11:00 AM 61/45 SP
    GT11017046-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL 07/21/2011 11:00 AM 58/45 SP
    GC14013598-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM ABDUCTION
    GC14013599-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM ABDUCTION
    GC14013600-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM USE FIREARM COMMISSION FELONY
    GC14013601-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM USE FIREARM COMMISSISON FELONY
    GC14013602-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER
    GC14013603-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL; 6 03/09/2015 10:30 AM IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER
    GT13039212-00 ADAMS, KYLE H 1 12/17/2013 09:00 AM FOLLOW TOO CLOSE ACC
    GT12002179-00 ADAMS, KYLE J 2 01/25/2012 09:00 AM NO REG IN POSS
    GC12008353-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL 12/19/2012 10:00 AM GRND LARCENY: >=$200 NOT PERSN
    GT11066596-00 ADAMS, KYLE PAUL 12/15/2011 09:00 AM 71/55 SP

    CR13000305-00 ADAMS, KYLE EMBEZZLEMENT: >=$200 07/31/2013 Guilty Plea
    CR13000305-00 ADAMS, KYLE P EMBEZZLEMENT: >=$200 07/31/2013 Guilty Plea
    CR13A00305-00 ADAMS, KYLE P REV-EMBEZZLEMENT 08/27/2014 Revoked

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