UPDATE: Charges dropped against NSU student attacked by Norfolk police dog

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Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk City Attorney Bernard Pishko has dismissed the charges against a 21-year-old Norfolk State University student attacked by a Norfolk Police K-9 last week.

London Colvin, 21, had been charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest on January 25th.

She has now hired local attorney, Jon Babineau, who says they are happy the city if following through with their word.

"The city has owned up to it and followed through on what they said they were going to do," Babineau said. "From that standpoint, the system has worked, but it's not over."

Babineau says this is not over as they are considering filing a lawsuit against the city, its police department and the officer involved.

"One hadn't been filed yet, but there is a great likelihood one will be," Babineau told NewsChannel 3. "If it's medical scarring, if it's psychological that's ongoing, if it's career ending or career modifying, then those from a monetary standpoint are very valuable components, and then on top of that it will be the excessive force civil rights violation there is that punishment too."

Norfolk Police had been called out to Godfrey Street for a fight involving approximately 35 people.

A police K-9 was used and bit Colvin. The injury required more than 40 stitches and will require plastic surgery.

Police originally said the dog was used because they were outnumbered and because Colvin was being disorderly.

However, Norfolk Chief of Police Michael Goldsmith released a statement Thursday saying based on the information he received, he determined the use of force in Colvin’s arrest to be unreasonable.

“It’s my fault,” Chief Goldsmith said in a press conference on Thursday. “We had other levels of force we could have gone to to accomplish the arrest for Ms. Colvin. The use of the K-9 was not necessary in this case. It was unreasonable use of it.”

Chief Goldsmith says he will be reviewing and making changes to the policy on the use of police K-9s.

As for the K9 officer-involved, police say he is on administrative duty and the Chief says he's not sure what disciplinary action that officer will face. However, Babineau did say Colvin has no plans to press charges against the officer.


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  • David M Brown

    This is a sad day for the NPD and law abiding citizens in Norfolk Virginia. By all accounts there were 35 or more young persons between the ages of 18 and 35 fighting for over 10 minutes on a public city street in the City of Norfolk before the NPD arrived. Ten minutes is more than ample time for all participants in this fight to cease hostilities and to disperse on their own. Citizens who lived in the area felt frighten and decided to call NPD. Officers arrived and attempted to get the hooligans to stop fighting and to leave the area. This woman, by her own admission was angry and refused to leave. By her friends’ accounts of her actions, she was verbally abusive and told the NPD officers to mind their own ********* business that she was not leaving. The officers arrested her and in the process she is bitten by a trained K-9 unit. I say justice was served. Instead, her charges are dropped; she will most likely successfully sue the City of Norfolk for hundreds of thousands of dollars for false arrest and excessive force. This is going to have a huge negative impact on young black women. They will see that the quickest way to become wealthy is to be involved in a large public fight, wait for the police to arrive to restore peace and then provoke the officers to causing injuries to you, and the next week, have the police chief to apologize for keeping the peace. Welcome to the next city of Portsmouth where 80 percent of the citizens’ income is near the poverty line. I say that because in the 1980’s and 90’s, neighborhood thugs would have block fights. This is where an entire block of teenagers would fight one another. To avoid police abuse complaints from the local NAACP and black ministers, the Portsmouth PD were instructed by their supervisors to block the ingress to the area of the fight and allow the combatants to fight until they grew tired. Because of that bad policy, most well to do law abiding citizens in “P-town” grew weary of this and moved. Now a NPD police chief, is bowing his head to keep his job by taking the blame for something which is not his fault to please city council and the NAACP. This is not a way to have a civilize community. This is a sad day for the NPD and law abiding citizens in Norfolk Virginia.

      • Report the whole story.

        Thats good, when you dont have anything intelligent to ad to the board, the first thing that enters your mind is 3rd grade? After reading the reply above, I actually learned something that wasnt being reported by the media.
        That there was a large group fighting. Not just Ms Colvin. It did seem excessive to use K9 until you find out there was a mob. I do agree the dog shouldnt of been gnawing on here leg like it was the last rib at a bbq, but its gonna get to the point, when you place a 911 call, because someone is breaking in your house, and the dispatch asks if the perp is black or white,cuz if they are black, police ain’t coming. Your on your own.

    • Redtrans

      David M, you speak a lot of truth! I hear you loud and clear. This “the world owes me” attitude is a bunch of BS!

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