Two women hospitalized after pit bull attack in Norfolk

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Norfolk, Va. (WTKR) - Norfolk Police say a pit bull attacked two women Wednesday morning.

At 9:30 a.m., police received a call regarding a dog that reportedly attacked the two women at Carswell Street and Galt Street.

Police arrived on scene and saw a pit bull in the street. The officer was able to place the dog into the patrol car without incident.

Police say the dog was tied up in the backyard of a home at that location, when the homeowner and another woman began to argue in the front yard.

The dog broke free from the tether and bit one of the women as she was running away. The homeowner who attempted to retrieve the dog was also bitten in the process. Both women were transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with non-life threatening bite wounds.

"I was like somebody help the lady, help the lady. The dog is biting her up. So the man down here on the end – not the first end, the second – he came out with a chair and he started beating the dog off of her," neighbor Corrine Wilson told NewsChannel 3 Wednesday.

The owner of the home in which the dog was tethered stated she was not the owner of the dog; however, the dog was at her home, according to police.

At this time, the dog is being held at Norfolk Animal Care Shelter for a 10-day quarantine.

No charges have been filed in the case.

Norfolk Animal Protection Officers are still investigating the incident.


  • Debbie Bell

    “Good” pits want to be part of the action. Stratton says they are spectator dogs, all good pits want to be IN the fight.

    If your pit doesn’t, then it’s not a good pit (yet).

    If bully people actually cared about pit welfare , they would educate the public that many pits won’t stop for beatings, but you can choke them into letting go. All pits should always wear collars.

    Tragically, bully people do not care about dog welfare, not even bully dog welfare. So pits get stabbed to death in order to stop their attacks.

    Become pit bull aware. Watch some of the thousands of pit attack videos, pits maiming and killings victim dogs all over the world.

    The owners, the victims owners, the pit owner, beating the pit as the victim dog screams in terror, and writhes in agony, and the pit bull , happy and excited, wags his tail and works to kill his victim.

      • pittielove1959

        Debbie, you would have to tell that to both of mine then. They aren’t fighters. Neither one has a fighting bone in their body. When are you dog haters going to realize that not all dogs are the same? These poor animals are forced by their owners to fight. They want to do nothing but please the person that owns them. It’s a shame that you are so blinded by your hatred for a breed of dog that you can’t see past it. I can tell you that you are totally wrong about them. They are sweet, playful, and very loyal. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Stop BSL. End the madness.

  • Marla

    27 people killed by pitbulls in 2014 and several killed already by their lovely pitbulls in 2015. Just saying..

  • Timmmy_McFadden

    Why do those people always have pitbulls? Why can’t they get small
    poodles instead? In fact, why do they have dogs at all when they can’t
    even afford to feed their own kids? I wish my ancestors had picked their own cotton.

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