Urgent! PETA warns dogs will die

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Norfolk, Va. – If it’s too cold outside for you, remember it’s also too cold for your pets.

PETA is warning owners that pets can suffer from deadly frostbite and exposure during the winter months.

They can also become dehydrated when water sources freeze.

PETA is now working with law enforcement across the country to press charges against those owners who illegally leave animals outside to die in frigid weather.

Here are a few ways to keep your beloved furry friend safe this winter:

  • Keep animals indoors, as required by law. This is absolutely critical when it comes to puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers. Short-haired animals will also benefit from a warm sweater or a coat on walks. Don’t allow your cat or dog to roam outdoors. During winter, cats sometimes climb under the hoods of cars to be near warm engines and are badly injured or killed when the car is started.
  • Wipe off your dogs’ or cats’ legs, feet, and stomachs after they come in from the snow. Salt and other chemicals can make your animals sick if they ingest them. You should also increase animals’ food rations during the winter because they burn more calories in an effort to stay warm.
  • Keep an eye out for stray animals. Take unidentified animals indoors until you can find their guardians or take them to an animal shelter. If strays are skittish or otherwise unapproachable, provide food and water and call your local humane society for assistance in trapping them and getting them indoors.
  • If you see animals left outside without shelter from the elements, please notify authorities. For information on what constitutes adequate shelter, click here.
  • During extreme winter weather, birds and other animals may have trouble finding food and water. Offer rations to wildlife who are caught in storms or white-outs by spreading birdseed on the ground. Provide access to liquid water by filling a heavy water bowl and breaking the surface ice twice a day. Remember to remove the food once the weather improves to encourage the animals to move on to warmer areas.


    • Mckinley Kathy

      This site is messing up The story says against law to leave dogs out. They need to come here because many idiots leave them out. Come here and check what goes on because it is a terrible state for the animals Nothing happens to the abuses here and we need more laws. They will not even get dog fighting stopped and they just put under table like it does not happen. No chain law no abuses ever get punished. Here it is not against law to tether leave dogs out. Hopefully come here to Oklahoma

  • True Friend to Dogs

    Stop printing ANYTHING these creeps have to say. IGNORE THEM, maybe they will wither up and die.

  • Greg

    odd comment coming frm an org who killed a poor immigrants dog recently …. when will we see the world rid of orgs like peta?

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