UPDATE: Gloucester School Board votes to keep transgender students in separate bathrooms/locker rooms

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Update: Council has just voted on a controversial issue--restroom and locker room use for transgender students. 

County leaders decided that if a student is biologically born a male or female, they should use the corresponding restrooms. If they feel uncomfortable with that choice, a private bathroom will be provided. 

The ACLU released the following statement about the decision:

“We are deeply disappointed that the school board opted to discriminate against transgender students by prohibiting them from using appropriate bathrooms and locker rooms,” said ACLU of Virginia Legal Director Rebecca Glenberg. “Our school boards should be focused on making Virginia schools as inclusive and welcoming as possible. This new policy will do the opposite. Forcing transgender students to use segregated facilities not only violates federal law, but is also intensely stigmatizing.” 

Gloucester Co., Va. - Tonight, the Gloucester School Board will meet to discuss and possibly vote on restroom and locker room use for transgender students, according to the Gloucester County Public Schools website.

This comes after NewsChannel 3 told the story of Gavin Grimm, a sophomore at Gloucester High School, who lives openly as a boy and legally changed his name this year. Gavin was first told to use the nurse’s room. That was too far away from his classes, so he used staff bathrooms. When that didn’t work out, Gavin says the school allowed him to use the boys’ room, which he still does. Read Gavin's full story, HERE.

The school board will likely vote on restroom use for transgender students tonight. Board members  say they continue to seek guidance and input from many sources around the county, state and nation.

“Issues around transgender students are facing schools districts across the country, and we are seeking to learn from the best resources available,” said School Board Chair George (Randy) Burak. “This issue is not about one student; rather, it’s about all our students. We as a Board are seeking to do what’s best for our district in an open, transparent manner.”

NewsChannel 3 spoke with Gavin after Tuesday night's vote. He says though he's upset with the outcome, he will continue to fight for the civil rights of transgender teens.

Read the full release from Gloucester County Public Schools, HERE.

Click here to view letter sent by ACLU to the Gloucester County School Board on December 4, 2014, regarding the proposed bathroom policy the board is voting on tonight.


  • Crash2Parties

    Wow, that is going to be one expensive lawsuit for the District. Especially considering they are violating Federal education code & the US Dept of Ed just sent out those guidelines to ensure trans kids are not discriminated against. Just last week or so a district in Maine ended up losing their lawsuit to the tune of $75k and has to comply with the law.

  • Dinkk Winkkerson

    We have a law on this that’s been working just fine for hundreds of years. If the plumbing you were born with matches the boys room you belong there. If it matches the girls room you belong there. Obviously that’s just too easy for anyone to understand. Until such time it’s changed you stay with the set you were given at birth.

  • Dianne S.

    Bigotry rules. This school district will be paying out a pretty large civil rights settlement in a year or two.

    • Trans Sisters United (@haviomally)

      Added: Gloucester, what you need to do is research “Arcadia + CA + transgender” and do the same for Downey, Ca. School district. Once you do, you will realize that this “controversy” is no longer a controversy, according to your public school governing authority: US DOE/Office For Civil rights. You have just voted to discriminate based on gender identity. Whoever you consulted needs to find another line of work.

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