Vigil and march honor murdered Portsmouth man

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Portsmouth, Va. - Hundreds gathered in Portsmouth Sunday evening at New Mount Olive Baptist church to honor the life of 25-year-old Antonio Atkins.

Officials say Atkins was shot to death Friday morning around 2:30 a.m. while driving on Effingham Street in Portsmouth.

While the powerful words spoken expressed the community's grief, Atkins' family and community leaders also took the podium to issue a plea to stop violence in the city.

Following the vigil, participants took it to the streets for what they called a "Stop the Violence March." The march ended on Effingham Street where Atkins was killed.

Police have no suspect information in the shooting of Atkins. If you have any information, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


  • Andanotherthing

    Another death and another vigil. This sort of thing happens with such regularity in this area that it barely rates “news” any longer. If people really want change the that change needs to start at home. Not out on the streets someplace.

    I highly doubt that this was a random act. This sort of shooting is usually perpetrated by someone known to the victim. Unfortunate, but true. And I would be willing to bet good money that Anthony was no angel when it comes to who he chose as “friends”……

    • Nette

      What ever the case maybe be mindful a mother loss her son.We can control what our children do.Please don’t judge a book by its cover

      • Andanotherthing

        Yes, you do, in fact have control over your children….it’s called raising them with respect. Instead of trying so hard to be their friends people need to be parents FIRST…..

  • Mills Rosalyn

    WOW..Ignorance is alive and well. You just don’t get it Andanotherthing this is bigger than what Antonio did or didn’t do or even who his friends were. GOD is getting the Glory even in this senseless murder. If you can see beyond your negativity and your judge mental heart then you could see how huge this is. And besides who kicks a dog when they’re down. A mother and a father have lost a child that they love without condition. Something we all need to aspire to do. GOD bless you who ever you are.

    • Andanotherthing

      Keep right on believing that. I am sure that you live with your head in the sand as well. Or are you one of those that expects “everyone else” to solve the problem when you know that it starts at home.

  • peacan

    @andanotherthing…may be those things are true…but another life has been taken its still a travesti…no one for no reason has the right to take another life

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