UPDATE: Police identify man killed in Portsmouth shooting

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Portsmouth, Va. - A man was killed and a woman was injured after they were shot in a car while driving down Effingham Street near Duke Street in Portsmouth shortly before 2:00 a.m. Friday morning.

The man, who was the driver, was pronounced deceased at the scene. He has been identified as 25-year-old Antonio J. Atkins of Chesapeake.

The woman was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Her injuries are serious, but not considered life threatening, according to police.

Another man was inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting and he was not hurt.

Police do not have a motive or suspect at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Line at 1-888-Lock-U-Up.



    • Stranjtr

      Really? Maybe those people were coming from a night out? work? friends house? Oh I get it… they got shot because everyone who goes out past YOUR bedtime is a thug/criminal/drug dealer…etc. Unfortunately everyone can’t live in your perfect 9am – 8pm world.

      • Large Farva

        Yeah, pretty much sums it up. Sounds like you got a good hold on the issue. And as far as a ” night out” Normal, working people don’t hang out until 2 am if they have work the next day. Its called being responsible.

      • asia

        True. I work a second job ggetting off at 1am and me and my coworkers grab something to eat at ihop rigjt in portsmouth. People are heartless and small minded

    • asia

      Stupid comment. I’m out that late with friends at times and I ain’t up to no good. Seriously grow up. That’s some one child and loved ones who’s not here for the holiday. NO one deserve that. Smh.

    • Chris

      Are you serious I work around the corner at the shipyard and get off work around that time alot and have to druve down that very street hell if I didn’t get off work early last night I could have been the person in this article so you need to kill all that up to no good nosy cause you sound stupid

        • Kimmie

          Really? Such an ignorant and racist comment.. and generally just a stupid stereotype. Have you actually lived outside of your own corner of the world for more than a day? SMH. Too bad anyone with a brain knows the truth. This incident started in a club. It extended into the edge of a residential area of Portsmouth where crime of this nature does NOT happen on a daily basis. Stop with the labeling, stereotyping and assumptions, you appear to be quite ignorant with such statements. We are all members of the HUMAN RACE..

  • CryMea River

    All these comments about 2 innocent people being shot. Please comment back when the info comes out. Guarantee you they were up to no good.

  • YEP

    A random shooting in Portsmouth, highly unlikely. A dispute at a club (female dancer) with an “ex” sounds more likely.

  • John P

    A few of the biggest employers in the area not only are on that street but have people who have to work late shifts. Shipyard employees? Doctors from the Naval Hospital? Someone coming home from work on NOB?
    Lots of people are up at 2AM. Most of them aren’t criminals, just tired people leaving or going to work.

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