Political consultant arrested for impersonating police officer accused of writing bad checks, embezzlement

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Norfolk, Va. - The president of a Newport News public/political policy and lobbying firm has been arrested and charged after allegedly identifying himself as a police officer and searching two people in Norfolk.

Norfolk Police were called to the 7900 block of Shore Drive on Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m. A 33-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman told police that a man had identified himself as a police officer, detained, and searched them both. No one was injured.

The man then left the area in a dark-colored SUV.

On Wednesday, Newport News Police and the United States Marshals Task Force arrested 27-year-old Kyle P. Adams and charged him with two counts of Impersonating a Police Officer, two counts of Abduction, and two counts of Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony.

Adams is the president and managing partner of Kyle P. Adams & Associates based in Newport News. A biography on the company's website says Adams has been working in politics since the 2000 Presidential election and has served as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Hampton, and several positions for Hampton City Council members.

Adams is currently held in the Newport News City Jail.


      • concerned

        If someone like this is speaking to you, then he already started plotting against you long ago, and will only pursue you in the effort to either take from you or to destroy you. He will say what he thinks you want/need to hear, and be as believable as necessary…it’s a game, and it’s his source of income. You are his paycheck. He knows exactly what he’s doing. People like this need psychiatric help. If you’re on his radar, consult with a specialist on how to proceeded. File a police report.

  • concerned citizen

    This guy is a joke! He has not been in politics since 2000. I worked with him at the Shipyard in 2007. He is a habitual liar and narcissistic. Have you looked at his businesses webpage? Notice anything familiar about 90% of the individuals who supposedly work for this firm?

    • concerned

      Why yes, there is a common denominator. I was surprised when he finally ‘hired’ a man, because he’s so intimidated by men. Men are harder for him to manipulate. He was fired from the shipyard: they saw through him earlier than most. Those poor ’employees’ of his. What an absolute nightmare this person unleashes on others. How does someone go through life getting away with the things he has…by being three steps ahead, with an uncontrollable addiction to use others.

  • Lisa

    It’s about time Karma finally caught up with Kyle! He stole $1500 from me on my daughter’s 18th birthday and then $1700 from me a month later. He only hires young impressionable females and then doesn’t pay them. He used one of his employee’s (19 year old single Mom) bank accounts to pay his cell phone bill. He lies, cheats, and steals! I feel sorry for his children.

    • concerned

      mentall illness can only be addressed if a person accepts help, or their loved ones require that person to get help. sounds like there have been obvious signs for some time. you have to wonder who in his life allows him to commit all these crimes, and has never turned him in. think of all his victims…they wouldnt have been victims if those who knew the truth would not have covered for him. what a shame. hard lesson for all involved.

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