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Viewers take action in a big way for man looking for family on Thanksgiving

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Viewers are taking action for a homeless man who is looking for a family for Thanksgiving. We received dozens of emails from viewers volunteering to adopt him for the day and more!

Other viewers contacted us about helping Neal out.

Full Story: Family takes in homeless man for Thanksgiving dinner

Neal Shytles has been living at the union mission in Norfolk for more a year.

He reached out to NewsChannel 3 to help connect him with someone that would take him in.

And tonight we are happy to report that Neal is in for a very happy thanksgiving.

"I really appreciate, you know, you and WTKR because none of this would've happened. You know, and I'm really thankful and it's going to really mean a lot at Thanksgiving,” says Neal.

Tomorrow on NewsChannel 3 at 11, we'll hear more from Neal and the Peninsula family who will be having dinner with him.


Homeless man wants family for Thanksgiving


  • Arialda

    I’m very happy that Mr Neal Shytles did find what he was looking for.
    But I want let her know that our offer still stands.
    If he need a place to call home, we can give it to him. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
    Please keep me update about any outcome.


      I was thinking that too. He needs a home. Not just a good thanksgiving to remember. Arialda, I hope they contact you!!

  • Nick August

    instead of ‘asking’ for a family – try being the kind of person who builds a family – not ANOTHER loser standing there with an empty hand stuck in your face – throw another pity log on the fire …

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