Job fair targeting veterans short on opportunities

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Dozens of companies took part in a veterans job fair today, but as it turns out, barely any were willing to hire people on the spot.

And many of the available positions aren't based in Hampton Roads.

The event was held at Nauticus today.

NewsChannel 3 found out of the 53 companies taking part, only two were willing to hire on the spot.

Another company at the fair had about seven positions open, but they were all in the northwest part of the state.

All the other companies told people to apply online.



  • LoLo

    THIS is the protocol of most any job fair these days.That is why it is vital for a job seeker to do homework on the attendees “before” arriving at the job fair. The recruiters present may know of ‘future’ openings or perhaps will take your resume if your skilset it truly in alignment with their firms product. In Hampton Roads, where such a heavily military presence is the norm…..NOT having a secret clearance or transferable civilian skills greatly limits an employer from hiring. A job fair is just a collection of employers who are looking at potential employers and not always hiring.

  • Jill Krabacher

    1. A job fair is to find information to develop your career (opportunity awareness and developing social capital or contacts).

    2. Very few companies ever hire on the spot. They want to see if candidates will follow up ( many will not and it is one way to screen). They also want to hold rounds of interviews.

    3. It is Federal law that they only take resumes online NOT the companies’ choice.

    4. If you owned a company would you hire someone based on one meeting? Would you want to work at such a place?

  • CMR

    Wow, this is a very disappointing look at a veteran career fair. These are legitimate companies looking to hire veterans and it’s typical practice to have to apply online. Companies want to do their first review at these job fairs and lots of veterans do end up getting jobs and offers. Next time, do a little more homework before you tell veterans basically not to go to a job fair.

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