USS Ross sailors attacked in Turkey, have bags placed over heads

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(CNN) — Three U.S. Navy sailors were assaulted and had bags placed over their heads during a stop in Istanbul, Turkey, according to U.S. military officials.

The incident, captured on video, happened Wednesday when sailors from the USS Ross were attacked by members of the Turkish Youth Union, according to local Turkish press accounts.

“US Navy officials are working with the embassy and NCIS to investigate the incident. The three sailors were unharmed and are safely back aboard. They did not require medical attention,” Capt. Greg Hicks, a spokesman with U.S. European Command told CNN.

The assailants appeared to be neo-nationalists shouting slogans like “Yankee Go Home,” according to local press accounts. They did not appear to be tied to ISIS, which is based in neighboring Syria.

“The incident does not reflect the hospitality nor the welcome reception our ships receive in port in Turkey,” Hicks went on to say, and added that leave for sailors from the ship was canceled for the remainder of the day.

The United States Embassy in Ankara condemned the attack through its official Twitter feed.

‘We condemn today’s attack in Istanbul, and have no doubt the vast majority of Turks would join us in rejecting an action that so disrespects Turkey’s reputation for hospitality.”

The USS Ross was homeported in Norfolk until June when they moved to a new homeport in Rota, Spain.


        • Redwood

          Thanks for the American ISIS viewpoint… Looks like Right Wing Fundamentalists in America need to be disarmed soon. The Koch Brothers who fund the Heritage Foundation, who made your video recently supported an Armed Insurrection on the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. Cloven Bundy was just some Millionaire Cattle Rancher trying to get the government to give his cattle a free lunch trying to steal public lands.

          You are keeping good company, Traitorous Billionaires trying to buy government and pay less than their fair share…

          • Angela

            Regardless of who made the video or what their beliefs are, I posted the video because I believe what she said to be true. It is the bad people that are remember, not the good ones. If the good ones want to be relevant, then they need to step up and be relevant. If it were my race or religion that were killing people, threatening people, or just bringing fear into others, you better believe I will stand up and make myself relevant, as I am confident that others would too. If the 75% of Muslims that are calm stood up and said, “we are good people and we will show you that we are good,” people would be more inclined to listen, but you have .0000001% that will post it in a forum instead of making a statement to the world. Turning things back to the story above. Not all Turkish people are bad people. I know this and anyone with a brain knows this, but where were those few good ones when the bad were doing this? I’ve read comments all over the Internet about this situation and not one person said, “well Turkish people are really nice.” The nice ones are irrelevant. It’s the bad ones that are remembered. Putting all politics aside, if you want to be relevant than stand up against those who are doing wrong and make yourself relevant.

          • Mitch

            We must remember that hate breeds hate. The rancid remarks on this site aimed at those whom people disagree is just an example. Guilt lies on both the left and the right.
            In Germany, GERMAN Jews were killed by GERMAN Nazis. That pretty much sums it up. The vast majority of good people usually say nothing. They don’t want the hate and vitriol turned on them. It is just the elementary bully system living out its evil in adults.

          • WTF

            You mean the same billionaires that Obama bailed out and gave billions? Last time I checked Obama was a communist disguised as a Democrat. Enjoy.

    • USN_IT

      We actually don’t have a base there. The ship I was on had a port visit in Istanbul last year and the people were nothing but hospitable, that and it was one of the most amazing port visits I’ve ever had. I’m sure this is an isolated incident from a group looking to grab headlines and force people into making ignorant statements like this one.

      • WTF

        Actually we have two USAF bases in Turkey. One in Izmir and one in Incirlik. I have been to Turkey and never seen or heard a bad thing said about the US in public.

  • Ous

    Guys do you know American soldiers did the SAME thing to Turkish soldiers a decade ago in Iraq? Can you think the impact of the incident on Turkish people? One of Turkey’s allies soldiers put bags on to their soldiers’ head while they were not in a war.The current incident is a civil protest not supported by Turkish Military or Turkish Goverment. Also you should know America is protested in every Country in the world. Even in Canada, England and France by western Christians. Everybody thinks they are angels and only they do good not others. If you can able to read even the last couple of centruies history, you will find out that all the destructions, killings, massacres, hatred comes from people who thinks they know the best .

    Additionaly the lady in the video talks a lot. I need the ask you something. Can you calculate how many people was killed by America in last 60 years and in how many different country. Also I can easily blame you for the massacres of the American Indians to create your country. Do I need to remind you about slavery. White Americans still does not want to see but being black, american native or others means you are a second class person. Only in Iraq more than a million life has gone forever. Yes all world knows you apolagised for the wrong intel but do not expect any flowers or clappings for that. Majoratiy of the people sees you a country with lots of weapon and messing the world.

    The world is changing very fast and if you keep believing your Hollywood movies you will hit the wall soon.

    • WTF

      The only difference being that the Turkish soldiers were in Iraq during the invasion, which they did not support, in Kurdish areas. The Turks were armed and in a war zone. A little different from a sailor on liberty in a NATO partner’s country.

  • Sam

    Bet the businesses that benefit from the sailors on leave are unhappy. I wish kids (young adults) who do these things considered the business people around them and how their behavior impacts the economy.

    • ous

      Trading between Germany and Turkey %10 of Turkey’s total.
      Trading between America and Turkey %4 of Turkey’s total.

      %60 between EU and Turkey
      %25 between M. East and Turkey.

      Also Turkey’s import from America is more than its export to America(30% more). I do not think this incident affects Turkey.

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