Virginia Beach mom makes record donations to CHKD breast milk bank

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The first and only breast milk bank in Virginia at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters promises healthy breast milk for babies who need it most.

The milk bank opened up earlier this year and has attracted lots of local moms donating a precious gift to premature and critically-ill infants. So far, the milk bank has received close to 50,000 ounces of milk in the six months they've been open.

“I became very interested in it. I knew breast milk was very beneficial. I had no idea actually how beneficial it was,” says Virginia Beach mother Stephanie Leverett.

Stephanie would know. Her baby girl Kennedy was born three weeks early, weighing only five pounds and susceptible to many life-threatening illnesses.

Stephanie’s breast milk helped ensure Kennedy would make it out of the Intensive Care Unit, but other infants at CHKD aren’t so lucky.

“Talking to Ashlynn and hearing some of her stories of the babies she has dealt with, they have lost. Giving my excess breast milk just seemed like what I had to do,” she says.

Premature infants have no immune system whatsoever, so donors are providing these babies with the antibodies and growth hormones.

So far, Stephanie has donated more than 3,600 ounces of breast milk – a record amount, according to CHKD. That much is enough to give 7,000 life-saving meals to babies in need.

“Families and especially medically fragile, mostly pre-infants, are struggling in the NICU literally fighting for their life. And having donor milk when mother’s milk is not available is a lifesaving treatment that literally saves the life of infants,” says CHKD milk bank manager Ashlynn Baker.

Donor milk is both homogenized and pasteurized, or blended and heated to kill any bacteria or viruses.

The milk isn’t only helping babies but also bringing peace of mind to many stressed families here and around the country.

“Just knowing that somebody’s baby is maybe going to live because, you know, Kennedy was able to donate something, it means the world to me,” Stephanie says.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in 'sharing the health' by becoming a donor, please call 757-668-MILK (6455), or email to to begin the screening process.


  • Milwife

    Absolutely a priceless donation. I remember people telling me to sell mine when we lived in NJ. NYC moms were paying top dollar but I couldn’t imagine selling it for profit.

    • Linda

      Midwife, that’s is what the world is all about today. Money and Publicity. I think 60% of all the world has already sold their souls to the devil.

  • Linda

    Nice thing to do, but I am getting so tired of hearing about Breast Milk. I don’t go around telling the world about my husbands erections, and that’s a natural thing. It’s also not allowed in public, even if we do cover up. Maybe these restaurants that are allowing breast feeding should be made to add an additional room for it. There are rooms to accommodate body functions, even rooms for smokers, so why not a breastfeeding/diaper changing room for moms.

    • Buttt__Phucking__Susan

      So what? Before long she’ll be making false allegations of abuse, filing for divorce, collecting lifetime alimony, child support, and getting the mortgage paid by a man working three jobs to survive. That’s how it works.

  • Chriss

    id like to find out more info on this. I would love to donate but am on some pretty strong pain meds to help with my fibromyalgia. They don’t effect my three month old but might not be ideal. If a rep is reading this please email me at christinahazen@gmail,com so we can discuss further! Thank you!

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