New Virginia voter ID law in effect

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Virginia votes in less than 24 hours.

If you do plan to vote -- you need to bring a photo ID with you to the polls.

It can be a driver's license -- or a college or military ID.

If you don't have one, you won't be able to cast your ballot.

This is the first year Virginia's new voter ID law has been in effect.




  • Donna

    Weird because I have had to show photo ID every time for the last 28 years. Ever since I moved to Virginia Beach

    • VA Mom

      No, you haven’t HAD to. You may have volunteered it, but a photo ID was not a requirement before now. I have never once in the past two decades needed to produce a photo ID before.

      • Donna

        I believe I would know if I had been asked….and I have. The one lady asks for my address and the other for my ID. Every time. Not that I’m complaining because I believe you SHOULD have to show one to vote.

  • meagan

    I was turned away today at the Aurora Hills Community Center in Arlington, VA because I did not have a VA issued ID although I had my Voter Registration Card. I moved to VA last year, and kept my New Mexico drivers license because it is not expired, and I do not drive here. I have a government issued ID and was still turned away. Nor did the polling location offer me a provisional ballet, as they are supposed to. I was instructed to go to Arlington courthouse, get a VA Photo Voter ID card, then return to my polling location and vote. Did I mention I do not drive? I work full time and this must all be done before 7 p.m. tonight. Voter ID laws keep women like me from voting, just like the GOP wants.

    • Megan

      I was turned away for the same reason at the same polling place, although they never told me anything but sorry and goodbye. I have been voting their for years and all of the sudden with this new law that I had never heard of until today, I can’t vote anymore. They asked me to just show my passport or federal ID badge and were shocked when I said I had neither, because a that apparently is something all white people should have? Their condescending attitude is amazing. Sorry, we’re not all born with silver spoons, traveling the world on daddy’s dime.

      • meagan

        I don’t have a passport either. I’m annoyed that I have to go to the courthouse today and get a VA photo voter registration card, but I’m going to do it. I’m determined to vote today. I hope others that have been turned away will do the same. This election matters.

    • Maureen Hayes Gallagher

      It says you must have a driver’s license, college or military ID. – was your government ID a military one? I can’t believe that any state would NOT require proper identification. I’ve shown my ID every time I’ve voted here in Virginia over the past 21 years.

    • WTF

      Accepted ID’s at Virginia polling stations include- employers issued ID, and federal issued ID’s. Virginia ID’s are also available free of charge. It is the responsibility of the voter to know what is required to vote, what is on the ballot, and where to cast your ballot.
      I feel you on ID requirements. Why should I have to produce an ID to exercise my 2nd amendment right.

    • meagan

      I have a government issued ID. I’m registered in VA. It’s not crazy. I don’t drive, I am not legally required to obtain a VA Drivers License or VA ID card to live here. Just another example of the GOP loving big government.

      • Maureen Hayes Gallagher

        I’m not trying to be difficult but I’m shocked that this wasn’t “law” before today. I’ve always shown my ID. If you don’t drive you can also get a Virginia Identification card. I had one when I first moved here.

  • PJ

    I have been asked for ID each time I voted in VA (Hampton and Newport News is where I lived), except the one time I went to city hall. Newport News City hall told me the only thing I needed to vote (before this election of course) was proof of address. The list they mentioned was water bill, electric bill or some other “proof” that had your name and address, that matched your voter registration address. They suggested that “citizens” misunderstood when being asked for ID that it meant you had to have a photo ID…..hmmmm not so sure about that!

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