Two years since Hurricane Sandy

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Today marks two years since Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast.

Sandy killed at least 117 people in the United States -- 69 more died in Canada and the Caribbean.

It was the second costliest storm in the nation's history - behind Katrina.

Superstorm Sandy did $50 billion in damages.

Hundreds of people still can't go home because the damage is still not fixed.

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  • bruh mane from da fowth flo

    2 years and them yellah bellied yankees still whining about a “superstorm”. clean up and move on, thats what the superior southern man does. don’t sit and whine about about it till uncle sugah comes and gives you a fat fema check. wish it woulda wiped out the whole stinkin north, world would be a better place without a bunch a goat smellin egg suckin sow bellied yankees

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