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F/A-18s from the USS George H.W. Bush drop bombs on targets in Syria

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Early this morning, F-18 fighter jets took off from the USS George H.W. Bush and headed to drop bombs on ISIL targets in Syria.

And on board this aircraft carrier was Brooke's husband.

She hasn't seen him in more than 7 months and at this point doesn’t want to know the details of what's happening anymore.

“It's more stressful. You worry more, you start to get your mind focusing on what if could happen. I don't need that stress,” says Brook.

That's because she says this has been the toughest deployment yet; not only is she constantly worried for her husband's safety, but she is at home in Norfolk taking care of a one-year-old who is just starting to walk and a four year old who can't stop asking about daddy.

“He said he missed daddy. I ask him if he knows where daddy is. He says yes on a ship far, far away and he wakes up and asks if daddy is home and she says no not yet,” she says.

Brooke says it's getting near the end of her husband's deployment, and she hopes this latest mission against ISIL isn't going to keep him at sea a minute longer.

“Knowing that you've been 7 plus months away from him and you are at the end of it. And you are getting ready for him to come home, you are buying groceries, you are buying all that, you are making signs and bought your homecoming outfit, and this happens and knowing that you are just going to have to tuck that stuff away for who knows how much longer, it does bring up emotions or frustrations but you got to do what you got to do,” she says.

She says it's because that's what she proudly committed to be a wife taking care of the family as her husband and so many others fight for our freedom today.

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