Newport News Police mourn officer’s death, provide more details of deadly incident

Norfolk car dealer charged with selling illegal tags

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Norfolk, Va. - Police say Metro Auto Sales was doing more than trying to find you a car. Investigators have arrested the owner Donald Jabbar for illegally selling 30 day, temporary tags to drivers he never sold cars to.

Police tell NewsChannel 3 that it wasn't that the 30 day tags weren't real. A Department of Motor Vehicle investigation found they were illegally sold, in a black market of sorts, to people who did not just buy a car.

This would allow someone to delay properly registering their car with the Commonwealth.

State Police along with their DMV counterparts went through the auto dealer's Military Highway and Virginia Beach Boulevard location. By then, witnesses say Jabbar had already been taken away.

Authorities say Jabbar didn't just sell a couple of 30 day tags, instead they say it was more than 50. Neighboring businesses tell NewsChannel 3 that they heard rumors about it for well over a year.

The DMV had recently been receiving complaints about it, and that's what spurred an investigation against Metro Auto Sales.

NewsChannel 3 stopped by Jabbar's Hickory home, but no one came to the door to talk about the charges against the used car salesman.


  • leonardo dealma

    wow. a man helped 50 people drive to work when they didn’t have a licence. a man helped people too poor to afford ad valorum tax to be able to not be harassed by police and potentially have their lives ruined or taken by violence committing no immoral act. what a tragedy. thank you police for giving the tax payer another half a million dollar expendiature to ensure that the big boys and good ol’ boys get their sociopathic cut from the pockets of those they only protest to protect in farse. thanks for this lets protect the worst of our society shmooze report.

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