Former NewsChannel 3 employee becomes first African-American woman firefighter in Virginia Beach

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A young woman in Virginia Beach is taking action and breaking down barriers!

Krystal Jacobs will be graduating from the fire training academy in Virginia Beach tonight. She is the first African-American woman to graduate from the academy.

She's also a former NewsChannel 3 employee.

Congrats to Krystal!

Tonight at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, Krystal and 22 others will be sworn in as members of the Virginia Beach Fire Department.

They've all spent the last seven months learning skills that will help them save lives.


  • Steve

    What does it matter that she is a black American (I don’t believe in African American unless she was born there and came and received citizenship legally) or a woman! The point is she set a goal for herself and achieved it! People do this everyday! Not news worthy!!

  • Cynthia

    I would like to congratulate Ms Krystal for accomplishing her goal. She has set a mark for many of Black American females in this area who would like to become a firefighter. With determination, one can do whatever they wish to accomplish. CONGRATULATION KRYSTAL!!!

  • Jessy

    Ok Steve……….clearly you are NOT black OR of African decent….being both AND having been to Africa, Panama, Mexico, Holland, Germany, 40+ of the American states, New Zealand…..and a few other places…I have a wide and varying worldview. Clearly, THIS news organization felt Krystals accomplishments to be NEWSWORTHY….and guess what, so did “you” for YOU opted to click on the link……read it…..and THEN comment on it.

    Now, if you “where ever” you originate…elect to OR not to call yourself by that ethnicity….YOU are free to do so. Why? Because you, like myself, Krystal and ohhh so many others are granted to right to speak freely. Respect the right of THIS news organization to post what they view as nesworthy.
    An african american woman…….who set out to attend, attended, AND completed training in a line of work that will place herself in peril for citizens in VB and possibly beyond. I salute her accomplishments!

  • Bill

    Congrats to her and all the recruits! So sad that Virginia Beach Fire Department is 30 years behind the times for such a “progressive” department. (Sarcasm)

  • william

    Of course this is news worthy i mean how else can we keep racism alive and will.
    I mean Black men have been part of our bravest for years so we could not use that to be racist, so now a female joins (By the way from a fellow fire fighter I congratulate you on becoming one the va beach’s Finest)!!!!!!
    But we have to keep the race comments going, I mean we can all get behind the ICE BUCKET ALS challenge but we can not come together on the fact that black men and women have the same rights and capabilities and any white man, white woman, Muslim, Jew or any other nationality in this country. There should be a law Against using the term African American, Why not have the title of this news article be ” Former News Channel 3 Employee becomes Va beach firefighter” Plan and Simple.

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