Norfolk Animal Control Officer hospitalized after dog attack

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Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk Animal Control Officer had to have emergency surgery after she was attacked by a pit bull at the Norfolk Animal Care Center on Wednesday.

Norfolk Police say the attack happened while the owner was surrendering his four pit bulls after one of them bit a man and attacked another dog earlier this week.

Police say while the owner was handing the dogs over, one of them broke free. The officer was able to leash the dog, which turned and bit her in the face and leg.

Police say the animal control officer was the same one investigating the first attack earlier this week.

Animal control and police were called out to the 800 block of Ingleside Road around six o'clock Monday in regards to a dog attack. When they got there, they found a man had been bitten and had to be taken to the hospital. They say a dog was also bitten.

This owner could now be facing charges for both attacks. Police say the dogs are being held at the Norfolk Animal Care Center for a 10-day quarantine.

Police say the animal control officer who was attacked will be charging the owner. If the dog that attacked the officer is categorized as a  "Vicious Dog", it would be up to the judge to decide whether the dog should be put down.

A court date has not been set, as the charges haven't officially been filed.


  • The People

    Matt knight…proof read your story before posting it…you are a professional right? Bending charges ??..u meant pending I am sure !! Good day to all..

  • Debbie Bell

    Pitty the poor pitties. Attacking with little or no reason and then immediately doing damage is precisely what good pits were crrated to do.

    Does a good beagle need a reason or give warning before chasing rabbits? No because his instinct is to chase rabbits.

    Good pits mature to feel the drive to attack and bite for no reason and to not stop even when the other totally submits or when suffering severe personal injury.

    The Dogmen carefully selected dogs with aberrant traits. Normal dogs, social/pack beings that they are, communicate using body language. They have self preservation instincts so they try to avoid injury. Normal animals need a reason to attack and fight to the death.

    Thus means that normal dogs do not fight kill and die “well”. But pitmen need dogs who would travel silently to a distant dog fight where upon arrival they will attack each other for no reason other than mutant instinct. Pits were didn’t follow these instincts were curs, hated embarrassments and were almost always brutally killed. The ones who were good maiming killing and not stopping sociopaths were used for breeding more.

    Can you find a pit breeder website that states “All our dogs have excellent dog social skills. We never breed dog aggressive dogs.” I can’t find any!

    When I’ve asked pit breeders about that, I’ve been told “dog aggression is what makes a pit a pit” and “pits are supposed to be the warrior, the gladiator of the dog world”.

    On pit bull chat rooms the pit breeders say that’s the only way to test to see if the dog is game, which means insane, to have the drive to continue for no reason even if it means dying.

    Who needs these unique traits? Only dog fighters do. Who suffers the most from these traits? Dogs. While thus attack did make the news the many thousands if pit attacks on victim animals do not. How do we know they happen? The pit owners tell us when they contact our multibreed dog rescue trying to get rid of their deadly dogs. ” My pit chewed into my landlord’s porch and killed his dog, so now he’s making me get rid of my pit.”

    Now that dog fighting is illegal, let’s make breeding the fighting dogs illegal as well. Everyone sane and compassionate wins. All dogs win too especially the tragically mutant pits themselves.

    The sane way to address the enormous pit crisis is Vua mandatory spay neuter microchipping registration. You can keep your current bully but she must be spayed so you cannot make more.

    The individual sociopathic pit bully person’s right to breed more socially defective dogs must end when it robs other dogs and humans of their limbs and lives.

    Proof that pits are different and the best at seeking and destroying dogs (and surrogate dogs=humans) is the fact that essentially all North American dog men choose only pits.

  • Debbie Bell

    I find it almost humerous that pit bully people want us to think that pits are the only dog that doesn’t act on their instincts but needs to be abused or trained to do their breed’s “job.”

    No one says that about beagles. Never heard “please be kind to your new beagle pup and don’t train him or abuse him,then he won’t bark that annoying beagle bark. He’ll never sniff or run away chasing bunnies. He’ll stay in the yard and will listen to every word you say. You’ll never hear a peep out of him.

    Or when a beagle gets loose and runs through the neighborhood baying all the way, who wonders ” why would anyone train their dog to be so noisy?” Who would abuse their dog to make him mean to rabbits?

    Nope these are good beagle behaviors and even though not all beagles act like good beagles don’t be surprised if yours does.

    While many pits do not mature to become good “maul for no reason” pits, because good pits do not give warning before attacking, you won’t know about your pit until it does.

    Most hand grenades don’t kill but some do. Pits are the hand grenades of the dog world. Just a cute little ball and not a problem at all until suddenly there’s a problem with the pin. With good pits, it’s their instinct that controls the pin.

    Can some bully person please explain what convoluted reasoning they use to justify the breeding of dog aggressive dogs? As someone who cares about the welfare of all dogs, not just my fav0orites, I cannot think of an instinct worse than deadly dog aggression in a dog game/insane enough to escape most confinement and large enough to kill all other size dogs and humans too.

    While it is true that sadistic pitmen did create the “kill or die trying” pit bull, that is not justification to keep breeding more of them.

    • erin

      You are purely ignorant. Please stop being apart of the ignorance that breeds hate and save yourself from any further humiliation.

      • Susan DeVilder

        She’s not ignorant, she’s right. I am sick and tired of pit bulls attacking people, old ladies, kids, and other animals. It’s always a pit bull. And I got news for you, more and more people are starting to feel the way Debbie feels. Pit bulls keep attacking and killing people and there is nothing anyone can do to stop that. The more they attack and kill, the more people will come to despise them.

        • erin

          You only see it because thats what the media shares, educate yourself by looking into how many labs/retrievers/chihauhas/dalmations/great danes attack. And since its the UNITED STATES choose not to own a pit if your neighbors have one put up a fence. Stop taking liberties away from those with good, loving animals based on ignorance. Fyi car accidents kill more children and people than any dog attacks so why do you risk getting in a vehicle?? Stop being lazy and walk if you are that afraid of being hurt or injured by something!!

          • Alvin Tostig

            Pits are animal aggressive and must be controlled and owners be held responsible for what their animal does. They are dangerous and if you don’t think so .. You don’t understand what a Pit Bull Terrier is . Or you don’t care about others dogs and what your dog may do to them . Don’t try to compare them to any other dog.. there is no other dog like them. It is a general rule but it still is true, They can not be trusted as a breed. It is illegal to ban a breed but we must get a handle on the production of Pit and Pit Mixes.

  • Gavin

    Yes, Erin, every media person in America has a vendetta against pit bulls. Wake up! If a chihuahua, lab, Pekinese or a poodle attacked someone and killed or mauled them, that would be far more newsworthy than a pit. Pits do it all the time, every day. That’s why they’re in the news. I favor Australian Shepherds, and I never have to defend the breed on these news forums. Why? Because they bite, but seldom kill. Pits bite, maul and kill everyday. Yes, vehicle accidents kill more people than all dogs combined. So, the auto industry has worked for 50 years to make cars safer. Can anyone say the same of pit breeders? No, because the willingness to maim and kill other dogs is the goal of pit bull breeding. Read the breed standards for Am Staffs, APBTs, American Bulldogs, and the other pit bull breeds. All warn that the dogs can be very dog reactive. It’s an inbred characteristic. It’s a defective product, and it’s time has come to be extinguished. There’s nothing inherently special about a dog breed; it’s a package of physical traits and behaviors. This particular package is dangerous and anti-social, and it’s time it went extinct.

    • Marshell Dodson

      I think that if you don’t want to deal with pit bulls then don’t but don’t criticize other people for owning a very loyal and very loving breed of animal

  • erin

    Read the article i shared and please educate yourself. At the very least please keep your negativity away from loving families and dogs like mine. Im not a breeder, im not a dog fighter, im not a criminal, i oppose drug use, i live in a great neighborhood, we coach youth sports, BUT I AM A PITTIE OWNER/RESCUER AND DIE HARD ADVOCATE, i know the breed, the temperment, characteristics, and the biased unfair incorrectly accounted for statistics every news site and every bsl supporter uses, heres my own statistic; ive owned an american spitz who viciously attacked my friend after being aggresive to men (she was adopted) and was immediatly put down, ive rescued a pomerianian that was amazing at animal control and attacked my child completely mauling her arms the second we brought her home, my son had stitches on his face due to a friends chihauha and yet my children live with a 10 year old pittie who is amazing, gentle, sociable, and calm. Did i mention i do daycare and other people trust my dog over most humans? Most of my friends and alot of my family also own pits and guess what? They are all older in age and share my girls temperment. You see more attacks in statistics because the pit is one of the most popular breeds owned by millions if everyone owned the same amount of each breed and pitties were labeled as pits and “pit bull TYPE dogs” as you put it, were labeled as their correct breed the numbers would drastically decrease against pitties.

    • Gavin

      Your track record doesn’t speak well for your expertise with dogs. I train them for a living – 30 years – and have never been bitten. I discourage anyone from ever exposing their child to a newly-adopted dog. Shame on you! If your Spitz attacked someone, that’s on you too. Your poor management caused its death. Shame on you again! Further, your personal experience means nothing. Just because I have had an Australian Shepherd that won’t herd, that doesn’t mean the breed doesn’t. Don’t concern yourself with breed pedigrees; we’r discussing a type of dog. A fighting dog. And in a society where dog fighting is illegal in every state, we don’t need dogs whose purpose is to fight other dogs to the death. I’m not worried about your family; take your risks, it’s your life. I’m worried about your dog attacking mine and killing it. And, since that’s what your dogs are bred for, I have every right to be concerned.

  • erin

    Wow for someone wih 30 years experiance you are clueless!! Please let me know the company you train for so i can make sure my friends and myself never do business with you or them! 1st and foremost i adopted the spitz from animal management as she was going to be put down, she didnt like men when i adopted her but i guess shame on me for giving her 5 years of a cushy lifestyle saving her because someone dumped her off, shame on me for having my dog crated around strangers and properly introducing them to her over the time we had her which gradually restored her faith in humanity, she attacked my friend because my friend walked into my house without me to grab something she forgot while my children were inside playing so she was actually protecting the kids. As for not introducing your children to pets, i guess spca practice is totally wrong then as the dog was being adopted by me for my child and as common knowledge and adoption policy states all household members including children and pets should interact with the animal prior to adoption, which we did over a 2 week span, numerous times prior to finalizing the adoption. I assume you as a trainer refuse to work with pits, bully breeds, dobies, rotties, dalmations, german sheppards, huskies, akitas, malimuted, cane corsos, great danes, and the remaining dogs listed on the “its on the internet it must be true” sites youve gotten your information from or is it ok for you to want to be the dog hitler and still make money off those same people and animals you bash??

    • Gavin

      I work with all breeds and types of dogs with behavioral problems. I refer potential clients whose dogs have serious aggression issues to one of only three DVMs in the state with advanced degrees in animal behavior modification. Then, I work with clients to follow the vet’s prescription as to proper behavior modification approaches and management techniques, including vet-prescribed drug therapy. At times, this DVM has recommended that clients euthanize their dogs. If you understood socialization, you would realize it means to train the dog to accept novel situations under controlled, safe conditions. I would not say that visiting the dog in a place outside of the home met that strict criteria. Again, I would never allow children to interact with an adopted dog unsupervised during its first three months in a new home. Further, I would never suggest that clients use dogs for personal or home protection. That is something only for professionals. I prefer my house be robbed than my dog maul and attack an intruder (though my dogs have protected my home on no less than three occasions, by aggressively barking and threatening). Personally, I get far too many clients who want me to fix their pit bulls dog’s aggression issues. At least one call a week. I do not turn them away because they desperately want and need my help. But I do not like these dogs; I see far too many with problems. Even puppies three-months of age that are hyper-aggressive towards litter mates. We have frequent pit bull related attacks here, and our local animal shelter is full of these dogs. Our community spends hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find homes for fighting-bred dogs. They invariably arrive in the shelter un-neutered or spayed. It’s a shame and a disgrace and unnecessary when the solution is simple: stop allowing people to propagate this package of human-created malice.

  • The People

    For’s not the breed but the way the owner treats and trains them…I have a pit female….the real pitbull not american pit…. a sweetheart / 72 lb lap dog that will defend her territory. .stop saying it’s the breed itself…a pack of wild dogs would also attack if threatened regardless of what kind they are..

  • Opinionated

    How about instead of going back and forth between what breed is better, we look at the fact that no matter what a dedicated owner will love their dog regardless of the breed. A dedicated owner will take all precautions necessary to be responsible for their dogs regardless of breed . Any one dog owner will now whether five lbs or 150lbs any dog at any time can loose it’s shit for any reason.

  • Stephanie

    The facts and other ridiculous antics I hear about Pitbulls/Pit Bulls/Pibbles…

    “Pit Bulls bite/attack for no reason” – This is a ludicrous statement. DOGS definitely bite for a reason. Just because the people involved didn’t read the warning signs or aren’t educated in dog body language/sounds, doesn’t mean they attacked out of no where. Dogs don’t speak English, they use body language. If you can’t read it, that isn’t their fault.

    “Pit Bulls are bred to be dog aggressive, not people aggressive.” – This is also ridiculous. A specific dog can be trained to do many things. An entire breed is not trained to be aggressive, that is asinine. Some dogs don’t like other dogs. Period. Some dogs don’t like kids. Period. Some dogs don’t like men. Period. DOGS, not pit bulls.

    MOST people cannot correctly identify a pit bull or even the breeds that fall under the Pit Bull category.
    Wait, you didn’t know? Pit Bull is not a breed. It is an umbrella term used to encompass multiple breeds. Therefore, when you toss the numbers around of pit bull bites, you are combining the bites/fatalities/attacks/whatever of several breeds. Of course the number is going to be higher, you are adding together more than one breed of dog. It is simple mathematics. Pit bulls are also the most overbred group of dogs on the east coast. So lets do a word problem:

    A girl (let’s call her Stephanie) walks into a shelter. There are 100 dogs in this shelter. Of the dogs in the shelter, 90% are pit bull. Stephanie gets bit by a dog. The likelihood that she was bit by a pit bull is:
    A. Unlikely
    B. Impossible
    C. Likely
    D. Certain
    The correct answer is C. Likely. Stephanie has a 9/10 chance of getting bit by a pit bull…it is math. Now, move over to the west coast and replace the word pit bull, with chihuahua. The answer remains the same. Stephanie has a 9/10 chance of getting bit by a chihuahua…it is math.
    Will the tiny chihuahua mouth do enough damage to make the news? Unlikely.

    My biggest reason for being a dog advocate/lover/owner/crazyperson is that I have worked, HANDS ON, with a few hundred of them (mostly pit bull), and have never been attacked. A friend of mine has worked with triple the dogs that I have (also mostly pit bull) and she has been bitten once, aggressively…by a Chow Chow. I own a pit and have never been bitten, he lives with two other dogs…they are still alive. Will he bark his head off at people in the yard? Heck yes and I appreciate his protection.

    How many of the haters/statistic spewers/conclusion jumpers/fear mongers/media followers have been around pit bulls? One or two, maybe even four or five, ok ok nine or ten.
    Has anyone ever been bitten by one? Definitely
    Does this mean we should spread hate, ignorance and intolerance for an entire sect of dog? Absolutely not, it is completely and utterly ridiculous to see that people still have this convoluted belief about the group. I invite anyone to actually PROVE me wrong. (I promise, you can’t). And I mean actual proof. Because I am more than willing to introduce you to any number of amazing pibbles. Seriously, anytime. Bring the kids, we’ll make it a family affair.

  • Dwayne

    While pit bulls are always looked upon as the monster of dog attacks, I would like for everyone to consider a few bits of information. Anytime a dog is a resident dog and not a family dog you have the opportunity for attacks. This includes attacks on the owners of the dogs because the dog does not get any interaction with humans or other animals. Resident dogs usually belong to someone who thought it was brilliant to have a dog to guard the home and then have to call me out because their own dog wants to eat them. If you don’t expose them to other people or animals they will not be comfortable with other people or animals. When a dog is not comfortable with people or other animals any interaction, accidental or forced, will explode in every ones face. National statistics show that most attacks occur when the dog is not familiar with the person in which it attacked. Where are the owners in these instances? In 2010 there were 16,000 + homicides in the United States and only 33 fatalities from dog attacks. The same year there were 33,000 + accidental poisonings, 35,000+ motor vehicle fatalities, 3,000+ drowning, 1500+ child abuse/neglect fatalities. What am I pointing out in mentioning all of this?? People!!! People had a responsibility in ALL of these stats, the decisions that are made by people. We have a responsibility to those around us whether we own a dog, drive drunk, let the kids play in the street, neglect children and on. Notice I did not mention pit bulls in the stats. That’s because rottweilers kill too, german shepherds kill too, mastiffs. People are the guilty ones here and the bad decisions they make. Lets put the people on trial more and hold them responsible for the poor decisions they make ie; allow strangers around the dog, allow the dog to walk loose without restraint, not socialize the dog and on. Lets remember our pets were animals long before man decided he wanted a pet and it doesn’t take much to return to the wild if all of the parameters are in place.

  • Dwayne

    I apologize 2010 were the only complete stats that I could find, I will continue to look and post if and when I find them.

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