UPDATE: Beach rec center worker arrested over secret camera found in employees’ locker room

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Ludwick,Matthwe J

UPDATE: Virginia Beach Police say an employee of the recreation center became the suspect and focus of the investigation and was arrested on Monday.

31-year-old Matthew James Ludwick of Virginia Beach has been charged with Felony, Attempt to Create Unlawful Image of A Minor and Misdemeanor Attempt to Create Unlawful Image of Another.

Ludwick was released on bond.


Virginia Beach, Va. - An electrical socket, you walk by a dozen of them a day without thinking about it.

A lifeguard at the Great Neck Rec Center saw one was out of place.  Inside of it she found a camera recording the inside of the employees' locker room.

Sunday the camera was taken to supervisors and one employee, who is now a suspect, picked up the camera.

The SD card, and all the evidence, was gone.

"I'm in and out of the locker room, and it bothers me to think that somebody may have been taping whatever goes on in there,” she says.

The employee, who other rec center employees say was the last one to have the camera before the SD card was taken, became a suspect when one of his coworkers told police the suspect had admitted to filming himself having a threesome.

One of the other women didn't know the triple-tango was all on camera.

That led police to search the man's home.

They took DVDs, VHS tapes and two cameras.

What police didn't find is probably why the suspect hasn't been charged yet.

The missing SD card was not taken according to court documents.

Virginia Beach police gave no update to NewsChannel 3 on the case.


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