Burger King ditches lower-calorie Satisfries

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After just one year on the menu, Burger King is pulling lower-calorie 'Satisfries' from most of its restaurants. The company said the fries had 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than McDonald's fries.

NEW YORK — After just one year on the menu, Burger King is pulling lower-calorie fries from most of its restaurants.

The fast-food chain said that 100 million customers have munched on Satisfries. But that wasn’t enough to keep them on the company-wide Burger King menu.

Satisfries were meant to give Burger King an edge against age-old rival McDonald’s. BK billed Satisfries as having 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than McDonald’s fries.

About 2,500 franchisees will keep the product. The company has 13,000 restaurants worldwide.

The announcement is Burger King’s latest effort to shake up the French fry market. Earlier this week, the Miami-based chain announced that it is bringing back chicken fries after a two-year hiatus, but only for a limited time at certain restaurants.

The company is accompanying the chicken fry launch with eBay bidding for branded merchandise, including a yellow chicken-themed T-shirt for $41.

In another experimental move last year, Burger King launched a hamburger with fries on it for $1. But that is no longer listed on the online menu.


  • Edwin Donald Anderson

    If you sell HAMBURGERS, don’t sell fish and/or chicken. If you sell FISH, don’t sell chicken/hamburgers. If you sell CHICKEN, don’t sell fish and/or chicken. If you sell SUBS….don’t sell pizza. If you sell PIZZA, don’t sell salads, sandwiches.

  • A.j. Vasta

    don’t charge more for the low-calorie version, and maybe you would have been able to keep it on the menu. What is it with restaurants wanting to “stick it’ to health-conscious consumers by jacking up prices for healthy fare?

  • Dave Bosley

    I liked the satisfries. I stopped buying them because they always mixed them in with the regular fries. I would be paying extra for the satisfries and getting at least 20 percent regular fries. After the fourth time, I just gave up. It wasn’t that they were too expensive. (They were high.) It was that I never got what I paid for.

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