25-year-old planning to marry Charles Manson says “It’s what I was born for”

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(CNN) – Afton Burton was 16 and living with her parents in Illinois when she discovered Charles Manson.

Now, nine years later, her name is Star, she’s 25 years old, and she considers herself Charles Manson’s wife, even though it isn’t official yet.

“He filed for the first round of paperwork,” says Star, who says she’s in love with the 79-year-old convicted murderer. “I’m completely with him, and he’s completely with me. It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say.”

Star says she was first attracted to Manson after reading about ATWA, Manson’s environmental philosophy that stands for air, trees, water, animals.

“It’s the life on the planet, you know,” Star says. “The Earth is a rock and everything else on it is ATWA.”

After a few years of sending letters and talking to Manson on the phone, Star, at age 19, moved to Corcoran, a small central California city that’s home to Corcoran State Prison, where Charles Manson has lived for the past 25 years.

She talks to Manson almost every day by phone and visits him on most weekends.

“We talk about anything and everything, you know, like what’s going’ on today– who’s doing what. I try to help him file papers and stuff like that,” the slender brunette says.

The prison limits physical contact. During visits, Star and Manson can only hug each other at the beginning and end. Because Manson is serving a life sentence, they won’t be allowed conjugal visits, even if they’re officially married.

Star says she knows people think she’s crazy.

“I don’t care what those kind of people think. It doesn’t make any difference,” she says. “The man that I know is not what they have in the movies or in documentaries and the books. He’s nothing like that. He doesn’t tell people what to do. He’s not manipulative at all.”

Star spends her days painting and maintaining several of Manson’s social media sites, including MansonDirect.com. Her goal is to try to get Manson out of prison, arguing that he had nothing to do with the seven Tate-LaBianca murders that he was convicted of masterminding.

“Charlie never believed in something called Helter Skelter. That didn’t have anything to do with why those people were killed,” she says of the theory prosecutors used that Manson persuaded a group of followers to kill wealthy white people to incite a race war by framing the Black Panthers.

“He never ever thought any of that stuff. That’s ridiculous,” says an emphatic Star. “That’s crazy.”

Star is fiercely loyal to Manson. She still has a scar from when she shaved her head and carved an X in her forehead two years ago, an act similar to what girls in the so-called Manson Family did during his 1971 trial. She says she did it at Manson’s request as a protest after he was put in solitary confinement.

Critics believe Star is being manipulated by Manson, and that ATWA is just a ploy to get young people like her to pay attention to him.

“The only thing that he’s trying to manipulate people into doing is planting trees and cleaning up the Earth. He genuinely cares about that,” says Star. “He’s nice to everyone. I’ve never seen him try to be manipulative. I’ve never seen any of that.”

Star says Manson, who turns 80 in November, is in good health, and she doesn’t think about what she plans to do with her life after he’s gone.


  • Rob

    She knows nothing about what happened 50 years ago yet tries to speak like she does. Hard to believe she’s so naive. SMH

  • steward

    ““I don’t care what those kind of people think. It doesn’t make any difference,” she says. “The man that I know is not what they have in the movies or in documentaries and the books. He’s nothing like that. He doesn’t tell people what to do. He’s not manipulative at all.””

    Of course he’s not manipulative. He would never encourage a 25-year-old to marry a 79-year-old serving a life sentence! :D

  • learnone@hotmail.com

    He’s not manipulative and doesn’t tell people what to do?!. Then why did she shave her head in protest of solitary confinement and carve an x on her head for him? Hmmmmmmm ! Yes, all this screams healthy and a wise thing to do. She is only 25 years old and has no clue who Charles Manson is. If he is so wonderful, why was he in solitary confinement? She is just seeking attention and probably thought this would be a big attention getter !

  • iqdou

    i can’t imagine how her parents feel….and then, again, maybe they’re completely supportive of her decisions. I sure wouldn’t be if she were my daughter.

  • Let's be real, here....

    Jeepers, he’s still got it. Why is he even allowed phone calls, or any contact with the outside world? This IS the man (I guess; calling him human is a bit of a stretch) who told Barbara Walters some years ago that if he ever got out, “….there’d be none of you left.” If this were my daughter, I’d have had her committed long ago-for her own safety.

  • Luci

    I’m not standing up for this crazy girl or charles manson, but thats not what he said “…there’d be none of you left” to. He said “I’m not a murderer, if I was, there’d be none of you left”. He didn’t participate in the tate murders and shouldnt be in jail for them. Is he insane? yes. Dangerous? Yes. deserve to be in prison? Probably, but for something he actually did.This isnt minority report.

    • aaron

      im sick and tired of hearing Manson is a murderer. who did he murder? no one. he didn’t kill anybody. he isn’t a murderer.

      • Muzjik

        I could answer Hitler didn’t personally murder anyone either.
        Planning multiple murders and getting other people to carry out the deeds for you still makes you, under the law, guilty…it’s called “conspiracy to commit murder”. Look it up sometime.

  • JTag

    When Manson kicks the bucket would his widow qualify for survivor benefits from Social Security? She might be thinking of the long term.

  • aaron

    after seeing how girls and women reacted to Jeremy meeks this hardly comes as a surprise. girls are attracted to scum bags, everyone knows that.

    • aaron

      btw im not the same aaron who earlier commented that manson did not commit any murders. I totally disagree with that. manson was guilty for manipulating numerous women to kill for him. the girl wanting to marry him looks and sounds exactly like the girls he manipulated to commit those murders. he is a killer, and she is crazy. nice guys finish last in this world. im sure there were plenty of normal guys who at some point were interested in her, and she wanted nothing to do with them. now she is marrying a 79 year old killer who will never leave prison. just insane.

    • Timmy McFadden

      You got that right. They like to hook up with irresponsible scumbags, but it’s every woman’s dream to meet a nice guy with a job so that one day they can clean him out in divorce court. That’s how it works.

    • Timmy McFadden

      Karen, let’s not kid ourselves, you’re no better than she is, so you need to get off your high-horse, quit being an attention-pig, and get a job.

  • Jane

    Timmy M…are you a troll, or are just just an @ss? When I got a divorce all I got was the 2 kids and $50 a week child support because he was paid in cash and hit it…and by the way jerk I DO have a job…cannot imagine why you are a single guy!!! Geez

  • The People

    C’mon man! This broad is in left field smoking left hand cigarettes and huffing out of a brown paper bag…to each their own but this one here is a total looney tune !! Can we all say she is Duh duh duh ..dats all folks !!

  • Beverley

    Wow – can’t imagine that he can still con young people – it wasn’t only girls that killed for him. This poor girl doesn’t sound too bright.

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