Mom arrested for letting son walk to nearby park alone

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Port St. Lucie, Fla. – A Florida mother is puzzled after she was arrested and charged for allowing her 7-year-old son to walk to a nearby park alone.

According to, this happened last Saturday afternoon when she told the boy he could walk from their home to a park that was about 15 minutes away.

During his walk, 7-year-old Dominic Guerrisi  walked by a public pool and someone asked him where his mother was.

He told MyFox8 that he got scared and ran off to the park. They called police  and officers caught up to Dominic who was playing at the park at the time.

They took him back home and arrested and charged the mother.

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  • evilrobert

    And to think in the 80’s as a 12-13 year old I could ride my bike down Va Beach Blvd from Kempsville Rd to Ingleside Drive, and no one even stopped to bother me. Thanks Nanny States of America!

  • DieselEMD

    People are getting out of control. I understand the need to be safe, but arresting parents is not always the answer.

  • worried momma

    I have a 6 year old and there is no way I would ever let him walk that far by himself. I don’t let my boys go anywhere alone. You can’t trust people apparently nobody reads the news and sees all the kid nappings, murders and molesting.

  • catarinawiggins

    The reason why this country is getting protective over the children is because you have all these child predators out there now. She should not have let her seven year old son go walk to a park by himself. You watch the news, you pay attention to anything, you will see that children are being kidnapped and murdered everyday. Hopefully, she learned her lesson

  • newsflash

    All the violence and child predators were around before too. You just hear more about it now thanks to internet and social media. If you hover forever, they will never want to go out on their own.

  • dawnc

    It’s like no one is listening. ..The park wasn’t across the street, it was 15 freaking minutes away. I’m not sure I would walk that far…he was only 7, what is that like 2nd grade?

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