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Loose Pit Bull shot during attack on Isle of Wight Animal Control officers

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One of two stray Pit Bulls was shot last Friday after attacking several Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control officers attempting to capture the dogs.

The Sheriff’s Office says Animal Control officers responded to the 23000 block of Pearl Court for a report of two stray Pit Bulls running at large in the area.

One officer located the dogs and attempted to capture them, but was attacked by one of the dogs. The officer was able to get back into the vehicle and call for assistance.

Two additional Animal Control officers responded, one of which was also attacked by one of the dogs. The officer then fired a single shot into the shoulder of the dog while it was attacking.

The owner, who resides in Carrollton, arrived and retrieved both dogs. The dog that was shot was taken to a veterinarian and released.

The officers only suffered minor injuries.

The incident is still under investigation.


  • christiancelt

    aren’t these dogs a banned breed in UK…. and isn’t the Isle of WIght park of UK… or it was the last time I heard. When a ‘banned breed’ is even seen, shouldn’t it be picked up by animal control and PTS.?????

  • Debbie Bell

    Pits are misunderstood by anyone who thinks that pits are normal fogs.

    Normal dogs are much less likely to be aggressive away from home. Good pits are just as likely to attack and kill far from home. Thinking people know that this an essential mutation in fighting dogs.

    Normal dogs want to avoid conflicts. Good pits mature to want to fight. Good pits are happy when attacking, biting, killing. They cannot help themselves.

    Become educated by watching the hang time videos of pits tugging on knotted ropes, all paws off the ground, still tugging and crushing more. Adrenalin and endorphins are released. Good pits do this because of instinct. They are not angry when mauling. They need no training to maul.

    There’s another video of a pit ripping the bumper off a police car. He feels right.

    Good beagles feel happy chasing rabbits, they do this because of instinct.

    Pits were created to wantonly hunt and kill their own kind. Since this is a horrible mutation in an otherwise social animal, no other species is safe when instinct to maul meets opportunity to reach a victim.

    Pits are victims too. Stop making more victims. The fact that sadistic sociopaths created the “kill or die trying” pits, that is not justification to breed more of them.

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