UPDATE: Norfolk mother kills 8-year-old daughter before taking her own life; woman now identified

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UPDATE: A woman and an 8-year-old girl were found dead inside of a Norfolk home on Wednesday. 

Police have now released the cause of death for both victims and the name of the adult. 

They say the child died as a result of a gunshot wound and the woman, identified as 48-year-old Karla M. Mihok, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Police continue to investigate this case. 

Norfolk, Va. - Police in Norfolk are now investigating after a woman and a small girl were discovered dead inside of a home.

Police say they received the initial call at 2:38 p.m.

The two were found in a home in the 400 block of Woodford Street.

Norfolk detectives and forensics are on the scene and they are conducting an investigation into these two undetermined deaths.

No other details have been released at this time.

A neighbor says a family of four lived in the home. He also says the woman lived in the home with  her husband and two daughters.

"The five-year-old girl had down syndrome and she was like a little sister to me and I cared about here a lot," says a teen who babysat the girl.

Neighbors say the little girl was loved by everyone. "(She would) like blow kisses to me and wave. She couldn't really talk but it was like she was saying 'hi' in her own way."

"It breaks my heart that somebody would do this to a sweet lady and an adorable five-year-old. Like why would somebody do that is what keeps going through my head because neither deserve this."


  • Mandy

    I am sorry but someone should check their grammar prior to submitting the paper/article. And furthermore, there is only one victim, the mother or whatever you want to call her is the murderer or suspect.

    • iqdou

      you are so right, Mandy. I’ll never understand what can drive a parent to kill a child. Even though we’re not sure of the age, 5 or 8, this child was a gift. I have a ‘special needs’ child (he’s an adult now) and it never occurred to me to kill him. I guess we’ll hear now how depressed this woman was and was not taking medication or whatever…. I feel for the remaining sister, the father and most of all the child who was murdered by the very person she trusted the most — her mother.

    • iqdou

      what difference does it make??? An innocent child was murdered by her mother. NO ONE deserv es that by anyone of ANY color.

      • Timmy McFadden

        What difference does it make? It makes all the difference in the world. An African American woman would never do this. Instead she would keep the girl alive and have even more babies so that she cold qualify for more benefits. A white woman would do this though.

  • Another mother with a child with DS

    Sad to say I totally get it. As a mother of an adult child with Down Syndrome….all I can say is that parents need help and more/better resources. There are very little resources and even less when individuals become adults. There is a shamefully long wait list for services….WAKE UP VIRGINIA!! The state of Virginia is rated as one of the lowest in US for resources.

  • Yvonne Spangler

    McFadden you are very ignorant!!!!! And what color are you?? They shouldnt even allow such ignorant comments such as yours to evenbe up here. People like you make me sick!!! ( No matter the color) Just Ignorance!!!

    • Timmy McFadden

      How dare you tell me what to think or say. You must be one of those women who lives on alimony and child support while your ex husband works two jobs. How dare you!

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