Chesapeake man found dead in Orlando on Sunday

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Friends of a young Chesapeake man found dead in Florida hope for answers. At this point, 20-year-old Cameron Sparrow's death remains a mystery.

"He was like, I heard they found Cam's body. I was like, no that can't be true," said friend James Balser.

Balser is following the investigation that's going on after Sparrow's body was found on the side of the road in a wooded area near Orlando.

When officials identified that body as Sparrow, Balser says he couldn't believe it.

"He was never the type of person that I would honestly say that I would wake up at this point in my life and say that he's gone. It's a complete shock to me and I'm just, it's a complete shock," he says.

Balser says he met Sparrow at Great Bridge High School but that he hadn't seen him in a while. He says his friend moved to Orlando to study music and hopefully become a producer someday.

"He was very, very good at the drums so I really would had loved to see how good he was, how far he could have taken it," Balser says.

While deputies continue to talk to witnesses and wait on the Medical Examiner's report, Balser anxiously awaits for answers and hopes to make a trip south to say a final goodbye to a friend he'll never forget.

"It just really sucks because I haven't seen him in forever and I really wish I could have seen him one more time before this happened."

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