SUV runs group of motorcycles off the road in Chesapeake

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Chesapeake, Va.- Around 6 pm, Chesapeake Police responded to an accident report involving several motorcycles on the 2200 block of Fentress Airfield Rd.

When they arrived at the scene, Police determined that a blue SUV ran the group of motorcycles off the road.

A total of four bikes crashed with six people on board.

Three were taken to the hospital, one of which was taken by Nightingale with possible life threatening injuries.

Fentress Airfield Rd. was closed while Police were investigating but it has now reopened.

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  • Cole

    Im not saying it didnt happen the way the bikers said, but I live on that road. Bikers all day hauling a#% there. Groups of them just like today.
    Sad if this turns out to be tragic, and if its true, I hope they catch the SUV.

    • Let's be real, here....

      But we don’t know whether this group was “hauling **” or doing anything but minding their own business and enjoying the ride, do we? Let’s keep the passive-aggressive remarks to a minimum until we learn more, shall we?

  • ken

    this is a bad curve where this happened…I wonder if the suv was just going around them—seems like on the weekends everyone thinks its a race track out here because its country roads and limited police presence… been living out there for 30 years sorry for the bikers most ride for the scenic views and no traffic….

    • Let's be real, here....

      There’s something in what you said, but I wouldn’t pass anyone on a curve-someone might pop around the corner coming the other way, and hit me. If that is what the SUV driver was doing, it was very unwise. And if I were to pass someone who immediately afterward ran off the road, I would stop to see if they were OK. Given that the SUV driver didn’t stop and face what they had done, I think it’s more likely that this was a deliberate act, sadly enough.

  • Cole

    Hmmm…for someone to say ” let’s keep your opinion to a minimum”..because thats all it was, was an opinion ,
    Let’s Be Real Here sure seems to be giving a whole lot of his/hers here.
    Both comments left here are from people who live in the area, one for 30 yrs.describing road conditions, as well as the driving conduct that is witnessed in the area.
    So why dont you take your OWN advice , and wait till you ” learn more” before you call it a ” deliberate act”
    Shall We ??

    • Exactly...

      I agree 100 percent. We don’t know what happened. Could have been deliberate, could have been a drunk driver, could have been a passing accident, or none of these. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions until the whole story comes out.

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