No toll charge for drivers who were diverted at Midtown Tunnel yesterday during stoppage

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Photo: Elizabeth River Tunnels

Portsmouth, Va. – Motorists who attempted to use the Route 58 Midtown Tunnel Thursday, July 10 between 3:13 p.m. and 5:11 p.m. while traffic was stopped and rerouted due to water inside the tunnel will not be expected to pay a toll.

The Elizabeth River Tunnels Customer Service Center has made every effort to filter these transactions before posting to individual accounts; however, due to the timing in which transactions are posted, some customers may still see these charges on their accounts.

Customers are encouraged to carefully review their E-ZPass accounts and Pay by Plate invoices. If toll charges are discovered for this timeframe, customers should contact the Elizabeth River Tunnels Customer Service Center at 855-ERT-ROAD or to have the charges reviewed and reversed.


  • The Don

    As screwed up as their system is..who cares ERT is full of bull hockey …take a long walk off a short pier you crooks !!

  • Todd

    I would love to know how many LYING-CROOKS in the Virginia Department of Transportation along with the LYING-SHYSTERS in the Virginia General Assembly are LINING Their POCKETS with BIG MONEY from the CROOKED Operation with the CROOKS at Elizabeth River Crossings..

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