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Say hello to the ‘Badass Breastfeeder’

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Breastfeeding in public is often a topic of controversy for many people, not just parents.

Say hello to Abby Theuring – better known as the ‘Badass Breastfeeder.’

Abby nurses both of her children, ages 3 weeks and 3 years old.

Her message is all about promoting nursing — especially in public.

If you’d like to join the conversation with Abby, you can get in touch with her here: or on her Facebook 

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  • Barry

    That’s how they got in this situation to start with. They had them hanging out for an adult… She and all the others… have my vote. Go for it!

  • T Gregory

    Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, and not in the least bit dirty or sexual (men just need to get over it already!!!) – That said, one can breast feed their children and still be discreet. Not a big believer in flaunting just to make a point. It’s all about feeding my children in the most natural and healthy way, not about creating a scene. – Just my two cents.

  • cindy

    Im sorry but I think 3yrs old is way too old to be breastfeeding… I just think at 3 they should me drinking from a cup….

    • Dawn

      What makes you think a 3 year old is NOT also drinking from a group? Most breastfeeding toddlers are only breastfeeding to sleep and for a quick ocomfort nurse when they skin their knee. My son refused a bottle and pacifiers at 2 1/2 months, he was drinking from cups at 5 months and could suck from a straw cup at 9 months, he can drink from an open cup by himself since 16 months. That’s far more advanced than what I see most bottle fed children doing. He is still breastfeeding at 22 months AND drinking from cups.

      • Corkadoodle

        Comfort feeding after they skin their knee? If that isn’t the definition of coddling then I don’t know what is.

  • Teri Lynn

    Its all fine and well to breastfeed. I did with both of my children, the difference is I COVERED UP! Its not necessary to expose yourself out there. Not everyone wants to see it, be respectful of others.

  • Barbaraw

    I am all for breast feeding.It’s the most natural thing in the world. I think there comes a point when a child needs to be weaned At three the child should be drinking on his/her own. And yes covering up is what I was taught and brought up on. This is a time for Mother and child not everyone else to share. Hats off to all nursing Moms but show some respect.

  • Tina Taylor

    whatever anyone does in public, have no expectations of privacy. you can end up on some weird web site for pervs. we need to look at cultural differences, for many years in this part of the world, not acceptable. now all of a sudden it’s everywhere!!! a woman in one of the restaurants I used to work for actually complained about people starring which drew even more attention to what was going on. she was upset that we couldn’t do anything about it. an officer was even kind enough to tell her that he did not want to arrest her for simply feeding her child but in VA this can happen if you breast feed in public. use a pump or a restroom if no nursing room is available.

  • Rich Hendren

    This selfish chick just likes the attention and making a statement about it. That is the only reason she is saying its healthy and dragging a 3 year old around to breastfeed in public. Sick, get a life lady, women should be able to breastfeed but 3 years old? Its obvious now your the one being a little ridiculous now.

  • Cary

    Lovely how write have to tell nursing mother to cover up for respect. Yes please cover up your child and let them get all sweaty and uncomfortable because you feel the need YOU need respect. How about giving respect to the mother and child and looking the other way ? Noone has any right to tell a mother when she should stop breastfeeding ! Look up at the age they used to do it back then, it was much longer than 3 years old. How about you put the energy that You’re wasting bashing breastfeeding mom’s and put it towards something more useful

  • Sharon Jackson

    You go girl, it is no one else’s business that you breastfeed or how long. The nay-Sayers need to get a life, you don’t like it don’t look. Shame on the officer in Virginia Beach he is obviously uneducated in this area. To those saying breastfeed in the bathroom, how about the next time you go out to eat you have them serve you in the bathroom. These babies are eating for cripe sake.

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