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Dog dies in hot car while woman “browses” at Walmart for 13 hours

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NewsChannel 3

Crestview, Fla., – A woman was arrested after police say she left her dog “Waldo” inside her hot car while she shopped at Walmart for 13 hours last Thursday, according to a report from WGHP via WPEC.

The deceased dog was found by another Walmart shopper. There was reportedly no food or water left for the dog and even though a window was partially cracked, temperatures rose which resulted in the dog’s death, WGHP reports.

Police say Cassaundra Rasmussen, 49, was inside of Walmart “browsing” for approximately 13 hours. The woman told police that she forgot the dog was inside of the vehicle.

The dog’s cause of death was heat exhaustion as a result of the high temperatures in the vehicle, WGHP reports.

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  • Gail

    This piece of trash deserves the same sentence she gave to that poor little dog. If you are so stupid & inept that you are able to “forget” an animal or child in a car then you first & foremost have NO BUSINESS having either!

    • tracy

      I think she was there so long for the AC, a lot of people go to the malls and spend the day for the same reason, not hard to believe!

  • Let's be real, here....

    She was probably doing crack somewhere-seriously, thirteen hours in WalMart? The cops should do a little more digging, as I doubt that’s really what she was doing all that time. And please let’s make animal abuse a felony in all fifty states-people like this deserve some jail time!

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