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Lifeguard jumps from Avalon Pier, rescues sea turtle entangled in debris

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A Loggerhead sea turtle was rescued near the Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills over the weekend after it was spotted entangled in a mass of netting and a discarded plastic bottle of antifreeze.

According to the Avalon Pier's Facebook page, people spotted the blue bottle attached to the 85-lb. turtle and then made a call to Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue.

Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue Director Director Dave Elder  dove off the end of the 700 ft. Avalon Pier and swam about 150 yards south to rescue the turtle.

After the turtle was brought to shore, the debris was cut away and the the turtle was transported to the new Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.



  • Max's Midget

    now if they could only respond so quickly to all the HUMANS who keep drowning down there…

    • Journalism 101

      Humans are supposed to have better sense than to go swimming when there are red flags posted all over the beach.

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