Highway duck rescue lands woman in prison for life

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HLN – A 25-year-old Canadian woman may be facing life in prison after stopping on a highway to rescue ducks, reports HLN.

The kindhearted gesture tragically resulted in two deaths and injured one other.

The accident happened nearly four years ago claiming the lives of motorcyclist Andre Roy and his teenage daughter Jessie.

Their motorcycle crashed into Emma Czornobaj’s vehicle which was illegally parked in the left lane.  Czornobaj had parked and tried to save a group of ducks who were attempting to cross the highway.

Roy’s wife, Pauline Volikakis, was riding on a second motorcycle and was injured but survived.

Czornobaj has no prior criminal record will return for a pre-sentence hearing on August 8th.  For someone that was doing an act of kindness to ensure ducks get across the street safely, she may now be facing a maximum life sentence.


Story by Tangie General


  • dawnc

    This was a terrible tragic ACCIDENT but it was never her intent to harm anyone. I think having to live with the fact she killed someone is enough punishment. Maybe some community service.

  • Tom Sullivan

    I totally agree with DawnC about community service being appropriate punishment while also considering that this young woman will suffer enough. I too have stopped in the road myself to help turtles cross roads safely. Although I feel sad for the people who lost their lives in this accident, I find it hard to believe she would get a life sentence for parking on the wrong side of the road. She should be given driver safety lessons and serve motorists in some way. She should not be punished for her absentmindedness of not knowing where to put her car when she was acting emotionally.

  • John

    The headline says she is going to jail for life but the actual article says she has a pre-sentence hearing in August, so which is it? I hate phony headlines.

  • Christina Stallings

    Just because you think you have a “good” reason–ie, saving some wildlife–doesn’t make it OK to stop your vehicle in a travel lane and cause a tragic fatal wreck, and then just walk away with no punishment. Good “intentions” don’t count for much when peoples lives were lost! I <3 animals, but don't think I'll sacrifice YOU to save one! that's just too ridiculous!

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