Family says ‘nightmare nanny’ refuses to move out after being fired

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UPLAND, Calif. — A couple in California are living what they describe as a “nanny nightmare.”

Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte fired their live-in nanny three weeks ago after she refused to work or even come out of her room, according to KCBS.

In March, Marcella Bracamonte placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a retiree to watch her three children and help around the house in exchange for room and board.

The couple said the first few months with the nanny “were good,” but she soon stopped working and complained of health issues.

They decided to ask 64-year-old Dianne Stretton to leave. But she refused to go.

“She said, ‘if you want me to go, you’ll need to evict me. I have rights,’” Marcella Bracamonte said.

They said they served her with legal papers, but they turned out to be the wrong legal papers. For the time being, officials told the couple the nanny can come and go as she pleases.

“They told me it was now a civil matter,” Bracamonte said, “and I have to [legally] evict her. So this lady is welcome inside my house, anytime she wants, to eat my food anytime she wants and harass me basically. I’m now a victim in my home and it’s completely legal.”

A judge also ruled in the nanny’s favor because he said Bracamonte did not fill out a three-day quit notice correctly. He also said they would have to fill out the legal paperwork again.

The Bracamontes said they tried everything to get the unwanted nanny to leave, even turning off the cable and internet and locking the refrigerator at night.

But that only made things worse, the couple said.

Instead of leaving, the couple said Stretton threatening to sue them for breach of contract, wrongful termination and false imprisonment.

The couple claimed they recently discovered that Stretton had been involved in 37 lawsuits and had even sued several of her own family members.

Source: KCBS


  • Mitch

    “Nightmare nanny”, aka old squatter, would be treated to my new found love of VERY LOUD religious banjo music which is to be played between the kids practicing for their new drum lessons to accompany my new religious meditation. No food at all is to be stored in the home. It must be prepared in a restaurant according to the tenants of my new religion. Only my family may eat with me according to my new religion. Weird old ladies at the table are bad mojo. I am studying Gwenthy Paltrow’s theory about water having feelings. I don’t know if my new faith will allow my conscience to torture water by forcing it through MY pipes. Maybe I’ll have to turn off the water to the house. Also, I’ve decided air conditioning is against my new, back to nature religion….after all, it IS California.
    After the old squatter leaves, I will come to my senses and realize that I had succumbed to a weird cult. This shouldn’t be a shock to old squatter. After all, she worked for a few days and came to the realization that she shouldn’t do THAT anymore.

  • Karla

    They turned to CraigsList, for crying out loud. What the heck did they expect?! Furthermore, they didn’t even do a background search on her or check with references. While I sympathize with their plight, I think they were incredibly stupid.

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