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NASA to launch sounding rocket from Wallops Island early Saturday morning

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Wallops Island, Va. – NASA will test several new suborbital rocket technologies with the launch of a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket between 4 and 5 a.m. Saturday morning from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.  The backup launch days are June 29 through July 2.

These technologies will include a deployment system for forming vapor clouds used to track the winds in space for studies of the ionosphere; a miniature deployment actuator for small spacecraft called cubesats; a low-cost attitude solution system; and improvements in telemetry and flight recorders to increase the rates for data collected and transferred during flight.

The sub-payload deployment method being tested on this flight uses small rocket motors like those used in model rockets to eject the sub-payloads from the main payload. During the test, two sub-payloads with mixtures of mainly barium will be deployed from the sounding rocket. In addition to the barium, the two sub-payloads contain small amounts of the natural earth metals lithium and strontium.

By combining the metals and burning them rapidly, the mixture will produce enough heat and vaporize the mixture to form clouds that will help to measure the wind in the transition region between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. The vapor releases occur at approximately 220 seconds after vehicle lift-off between 68 and 86 miles above the Earth.

The byproducts from burning these metals do not pose a risk to health or the environment given their release in space. The amount of barium, strontium and lithium used in the test is much smaller than that used in a typical municipal 4thof July fireworks display.  The colors in these displays are the result of rapidly burning small amounts of these earth metals.  For instance, barium generally produces a cloud with a mixture of blue-green while strontium and lithium produce blues and reds.

The clouds, which help researchers measure the velocity and direction of the wind in the space, may be seen by residents in the mid-Atlantic region.

The NASA Visitor Center at Wallops will be open at 3:30 a.m. for viewing the launch.



    • Bryan Bobbie

      The article states, “The byproducts from burning these metals do not pose a risk to health or the environment given their release in space.” This is after the article states the experiment takes place , “in the transition region between the Earth’s atmosphere and space.” How exactly do these materials go from the transition region to outer space?

  • HolyOne

    WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS – THE GENOCIDE OF HUMANITY AND POISONING OF OUR CHILDREN. Your time is short and you have blood on your hands all who participate in this depopulation scheme of Kissinger’s.

  • maya fentiman

    I do not consent either you lying deceivers . Stop poisoning us and all life . You may well know how to detox these dangerous particulates but the masses don’t and as a result ill health soars , trees and insects die out and our air quality deteriorates from your genocidal works.

  • Jay Reynolds

    I see that members of the Chemtrails Cult have decided not to read the article. If they had, they would realize that the amount of chemicals released is much smaller than that released in next weeks scheduled 4th of July fireworks displays around the country. Of course, those displays are directly overhead from millions of spectators, while the Wallops rockets release their payload on the edge of space. Dunces!

    Jay Reynolds

      • Randall

        No, they are talking about a little poison 1000 feet over many places during the 4th of July, all over the united states on one night, vs the same amount of poison 70,000 ft in the air, a few times a year.
        What are you fighting for ?

    • maya fentiman

      Jay you can’t be old enough to know what a real sky and clouds look like.. The chemtraling started with the odd ones and now our skies are totally messed up as are our weather systems. One rocket may seem insignificant but what will come of it certainly is not. These will be used once they tell us climate change (caused by those genocidal monsters ) will require total control of the skies using such particulates to protect us from the sun . as is their intention.A warning was put in a paper the other day explaining how millions will die from lack of oxygen caused by slow moving weather patterns beginning with the West coast of USA and India. How do they know , because they can do it ,as well as causes super storms, cyclones , droughts etc. Weather manipulation is their weapon and these rockets are part of it.. Already people have blood levels high in these particulates as does the soil , ground water and air.

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