Mother remembers daughter after killer’s arrest

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Newport News, Va. - Six months ago this week, 24-year-old Karrie Henson was brutally murdered. The family says the medical examiner told them Karrie had more than two dozen stab wounds in her body.

Police now believe they know who did it, 29-year-old Anthony Exum. Detectives arrested Exum in connection to the homicide from January 17, 2014.

Exum is charged with first degree murder and using a knife in the commission of a felony.

Karrie's mother, Cathy Thiessen, says her prayers were finally answered. "I said, okay not my heart can finally relax because my heart has been hurting ever since."

Police say Karrie's body was found by a city worker on a dirt road off Industrial Park Drive in Newport News, but how she ended up there and if she even knew her killer are questions her family still wants answered.

"We were all in shock. Like wow, who is he? I've never met him," said her mother.

Karrie leaves behind five young boys, all under the age of seven.

With Exum now behind bars, her mother says she's found solace, but not closure. "It's not over. To me it's not going to be over. it can't bring my daughter back."

Exum is scheduled to be in court in August.


  • candy

    i blame the family for this youg lady death y’all knew that she was on drugs and try and reach out to her family and y’all did nothing to her her and now y’all on the news talking bout you want to know why he did that.

    • Tom

      The blame for this poor woman’s death rests solely on the shoulders of the man who killed her…end of story.

  • anonymous

    Thank you Candy. You speak the absolute truth. They also do not, and never have had, custody of her 5 boys.

    • Why bother? Well, anyway....

      You are a coward. At least “Candy” isn’t using an anonymous screen name, though it hardly makes a difference, since her post is barely readable anyway. Maybe Candy should cut back on the wacky weed herself, as I don’t think they will let her repeat first grade as an adult.
      People, no one deserves to be murdered, not even drug addicts. Give the victim and her family a break, and keep your ugliness to yourselves-would you like it if someone was talking about your family member like this? At least the scumbag who did it is off the streets.

  • Diana Clark

    Anthony you were best friends with my son about 15 years ago. You spent a lot of time at my house. This is not the kid I used to know.

  • Randall Lewis

    honestly not surprised. I worked with him a few months ago at Cnu and this guy had problems. Never got along with anyone And always started trouble….well explains why

  • ramy collins

    the family is lieing that girl was homeless and a prostitute. She didnt have custody of none of her kids. Now the family is ashamed and saying she wasnt homeless. She wanted to die. Ive seen her fake suicide posts on facebook. She was a sick young girl in a much better place. Her family wasnt there for her.

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