Are there spider monkeys on the loose in Isle of Wight?

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You'd likely catch a glimpse of a Spider monkey in South America, not in the backyard of an Isle of Wight home.

So, how did three spider monkeys potentially end up there? Good question! And it's one Amanda Jones Williams especially wants answered.

She says she caught three monkeys on video last Wednesday morning  after she and her youngest son saw one of them climbing a tree in her backyard the day before.

In the video, you can't make out what it is, but you do see something move from branch to branch in her fruit tree out back. At one point, several plums fall to the ground.

Williams' son Terrance says he saw three of them - two large adult monkeys and what looked to be a baby monkey.

Williams called Isle of Wight County Animal Control and says they along with Bear Path Acres came out to set up traps in her backyard.

Williams' son pointed out a picture of a Spider monkey to best depict what he says he saw.

According to wildlife officials, Spider monkeys are domestic animals but exotic to the United States and especially to Virginia. The monkeys, officials say, are legendary for carrying massive diseases.

But, nearly a week after traps were set up, they still sit empty and untouched. Bear Path Acres' CEO tells NewsChannel 3 she has spent hours searching the woods and talking to other neighbors finding no evidence of monkeys.

The family says you often hear a very distinct noise coming from the trees out back. Williams believes it's the animals and they're still close by.

Today, Williams sent us photos of animal control officers putting up their own cameras on her property to get to the bottom of it.


  • Ted "Theodore" Logan

    well if they respond to this like they did the rabid fox I had to shoot… good luck. They are severly lacking in the customer service dept. just shoot them yourselves… they’ll probably say they are a nuisance animal anyways. or call PETA.. you’ll get a better response.


    Ok I have to say these people are absolute idiots. This is the same thing as dumb butt Tim Harrison that went around telling people that a black panther was running around Harrison Township for months. It turned out to be a big dog. If these idiots had seen 2 large spider monkeys they would have known it and I have loved to know how they seen that baby that high up and all. What idiots seems like another tactic to place a ban somewhere. A spider monkey is what over 4ft. They couldn’t give the size of a monkey just that they seen one that far up and that they got it on tape. Here is another one they are going to see it jumping from branch to branch that is for sure. All their video tape got was a few things falling out of a tree are you serious it could have been a raccoon they are great climbers.Paws lol diddnt you mean hands???

  • BigBoy

    WOW! IOw County? Is that the best location you can provide? That narrows it down to 312 square miles. Was it in Camptown…Smithfield….Carrsville…Carrollton…..Orbit?

  • Alan W. Rose

    Where in Isle of Wight? Maybe it was Isle of Wight Courthouse area? Maybe not? I live in Walters and I sure would like to know if this is in my neighborhood. Are spider monkeys dangerous? Remember the chimp lady that got ravaged?

  • Wastrel

    Uh, the Isle of Wight is in Virginia now, and it has spider monkeys? Everything I learned is wrong.

  • Opie

    Not hard to believe. There is an area in central Florida with tons of wild monkeys that were brought there 40-50 years ago by some idiot.

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