Three teens arrested after woman shot in neck in Elizabeth City

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UPDATE: As of June 24th, the victim has been reported as still suffering from partial paralysis as a result of the shooting. She has regained limited mobility to her upper body. Her family is now seeking the help of a spinal injury specialist. 

5 o’clock Saturday afternoon--as kids were still playing in the Elizabeth City summer sun, a single gunshot brought everything to a screeching halt.

“I heard a pop, and her boyfriend is out of the car, screaming ‘Help me please, call 911!’”

This woman didn't want to show her face on camera, but tells NewsChannel 3 she ran across the road to 703 Second Street, where she found 19-year-old Julie Reed on the ground next to a car, holding her bleeding neck.

“She said she couldn't feel anything from the neck down, so I just kept her calm, kept her alert so I knew she wasn't going to die.”

Police and paramedics rushed to the scene, where she was flown by Nightingale to Norfolk Sentara General.

Police say their investigation showed she was never the intended target.

“There was an argument, and for whatever reason, she got out of the car and tried to break up the fight, and during the scuffle she was shot in the neck,” said Lt. Mike Boone with the Elizabeth City Police Department.

The gunman was able to get away, but police later caught up to him.

Investigators arrested 16-year-old Jamir Brazzle and charged him with assault with intent to kill.

Police also arrested his friends, 17-year-old Willis George Jr. and 18-year-old Dazir Bonds, as accessories to the crime.

Court documents show both boys helped Brazzle escape from the scene and did not tell police about the crime.

A quick criminal history check shows Brazzle was already out of jail on bond for another crime, awaiting trial on charges of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Now, he is back behind bars, due in court on June 23rd for this latest shooting.

“She didn't deserve it.”

Neighbors who have been in contact with her family say Julie has regained feeling in her arms, but not yet in her legs.

Police say she is expected to survive.



  • Pissedofffriend

    See hers the problem with bf story. She was shot clean thru her throat. Umm how could she talk! Sorry fucker. If I get it correct the other two are related to bf.

  • Paradoze

    shes talking just fine. there is no problem with her boyfriends keems story. She was shot in the neck, Not the throat.

    • John H Snowden

      I knew Julie a long time before she met “Keem”. There were no problems back then.

      Her problems started when she met “Keem”. IMHO He’s a worthless street thug wannabe, and he’s the one that brought this pain on her and her family. “Keem” needs to be in jail with the rest of the hood rats and thugs.

      Watch him, he’s getting ready to leave town, because he knows the heat is on his sorry thug butt.

      If any of you folks care about Julie, you’ll tell the police what you know, and do your part to remove “Keem” and his thug friends from our community.

  • Juliesfriend

    It’s sad that this is going on in the comment section of this story. A young girl was shot and may never walk again because of the carelessness of someone else. Life is too short. I’m greatful Julie is alive and her and her loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • jp123

    Hopefully them worthless POS get a good long time or rest of life in jail. Why the hell does a teen need a gun for. And for the girl hope the best for her

  • Paul Kimmy Outlaw

    The shooter can afford Ralph Lauren coats…..and we thought teens were incapable of making good money? He must be awful smart. Wonder what his opus number will be so I can get some tips from him on how to make money without working. They all have the best of clothes and cars, I’m so doing it all wrong.

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