York County woman charged with assaulting neighbor over noisy dog

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Kathleen Lofton Horner

Kathleen Lofton Horner

York County, Va. – A York County woman has been arrested after allegedly assaulting her neighbor over her barking dog.

According to the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office, 55-year-old Kathleen Lofton Horner knocked the woman to the ground when she approached to apologize for the noisy pet.

The victim needed two staples to close a laceration on the back of her head, suffered bruising on her face, neck and arm and sustained an injury to her nose.

The incident happened on May 31 in the Creekside Landing subdivision.

Horner was charged with one felony count of malicious wounding and one misdemeanor count of assault and will appear in York-Poquoson District Court on June 16.


  • Irving

    Just another reminder to EVERYBODY: DONT EVER ANNOY A P.O.E. (Person of Oppressed Ethnicity)! The ‘oppress-oids’ have been known to kill over Facebook posts or Girl-Scout cookies. (see Philadelphia Inquirer for details).

  • Jon Anthony

    I’m guessing this isn’t Ms Horner’s first “…confrontation with Da’ Law…”
    – F. Zappa

  • Judy

    #1. What’s the name of the victim? #2. If this happened to me, I’d bring home 2 more yipper/yapper dogs. Then, I’d get a large size dog (intimidating but as sweet as pie), and walk it with the other dogs, several times a day. Walk past the uncivilized, intelligence-stunted, violent B’s place every time.

  • GeeLo

    Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious when you read stories like this. Who knows what hand life has dealt her. Violence is by no means the answer but sometimes its considered the recourse. Never never it is to be condoned. But he who is without sin PLEASE cast the first stone. Life is cruel at times and I beg the question and sure you can think of accounts and agree. Lets just pray for justice without judgment because this is one of many tragedies to befall us. Keep focused, prayful and mindful of others. The dog could have been barking for 40 days…still no reason for the attack. Pray for the victim’s 100 percent recovery. Thats how you can be a positve force in this situation. Amen

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