UPDATE: State Police asking witnesses to I-64 shooting to contact them

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Hampton, Va. - One person was wounded after a shooting on I-64 on Monday.

The female victim was taken to Riverside Hospital with non life threatening injuries after the incident, which happened at 3:23 p.m.

Police say the woman who was wounded during the shooting was not the intended target.

The shooting happened around the Settlers Landing area of I-64. State police say a gold colored Toyota Camry had two men inside who shot at another vehicle and continued to drive eastbound on I-64. They got off the Mallory Street Exit and continued to shoot.

State police say two men in the gold Camry were shooting at a vehicle as they were getting off of the interstate at Mallory. That car was shot at but did not stop.

While they were shooting, they hit the woman who was inside of a white Honda. She stopped and reported it to police before she was taken to the hospital.

Virginia State Police are now asking witnesses to the shooting who may have information to contact them at 757-424-6800.

Stay with NewsChannel 3 for more updates.

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  • The Don

    Endless violence by stupid ignorant beings!! Random idiots who could careless for others! Punks !

  • Stephanie

    There was also a shooting yesterday where a bullet went through the windshield of someone I know and hit her in the head. She was on her way to Va Beach from central Virginia. Why is this not in the news? And is someone just shooting on 64 for the heck of it?

    • Robinson N'Bogo

      Let’s see…. they exited on Mallory Street… which leads to Phoebus…. get the hint?

      • Gary

        Hey…hey…hey….have you ever been to Phoebus….it is an amazing quaint little town with all the offerings to keep you engaged for a little while…..food, shops, and amazing people who appreciate you stopping by. You should try it sometime!

        • Glider

          Have YOU ever been to Phoebus? There are a couple blocks with little shops and restaurants in the Mellen Street area. I lived a street over on the corner of Libby and County. I went through a home invasion and my house had bullet holes in it. I guess I deserved it for being so brazen as to mind my own business in that neighborhood.

          Phoebus is the very definition of ghetto and it’s leaking out in the rest of the area. Phoebus should be cordoned off to leave the thugs to their own devices.

  • Gary

    yes, absolutely, I HAVE been to Phoebus, and own a business there. I have to say, the people who own businesses, live or work here, are some of the nicest people anywhere. We as a community try to create a safe and pleasant experience to those who come. We appreciate each and every one of our customers, create a place where they become family to us. And I think that I can speak for most of the other merchants in town as they feel the same way. Sure, do we have issues from outsiders, absolutely, as other “nice” neighborhoods do as well, but we come together as a community and reach out and contribute to each others successes, trials or needs. I love Phoebus, the town, the people, so I consider this just an out of the ordinary situation.

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