Newlyweds driving separate vehicles killed in head-on crash

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Vernon, TX (CNN) – A man and his wife were killed in a tragic accident near Witchita Falls when the couple collided head-on in separate vehicles.

According to Department of Public Safety Trooper Jymie Ha, on Wednesday around 9:55 a.m., Kristina Muniz, 26, was driving a car north on County Road 87, an unlined road, and crashed into a truck driven by her husband, Nicolas Cruz, 31, at the crest of a hill.

At 10:19 a.m., Justice of the Peace Gene Morton pronounced the Chillicothe, Texas, couple dead at the scene.

Authorities believed speed and the layout of the road could be contributing factors of the crash, but the investigation is ongoing.

Trooper Ha said the couple was recently married, and both worked at the nearby Mahard Egg Farm in Prosper.

Prosper is located about 60 miles northwest of Wichita Falls.


  • lala

    shady story here-very sad but this doesn’t add up and I am sure they would have slowed down knowing each others car.

  • Onesweet66ss

    Maybe I have been watching to much CSI but it could be adultery and one killed the other in a murder suicide.

  • Stephan

    yeah this doesn’t add up at all. Very poor reporting and grammar, also when did the Justice of the Peace start pronouncing deaths?? Maybe it’s different in TX. Also the vehicle does not look like an overturned truck. Sad story and hope it isn’t true.

  • ?????

    This happened in my hometown. It is sad but true. The couple had a history of getting in very violent arguments. They had a huge fight that morning. Talk around our town is the wife killed the husband because there were no skid marks on her side clearly showing she no intention of stopping.

  • Getitright

    Actually in small towns the justice of the peace always pronounces the deaths. I too live in this town that it happened in. Talk is they had fight, rumor is they had violent arguments, but that’s it. Rumors to make the story look good. They were coming off a hill on an unmarked road and could not see one another.

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