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UPDATE: Knife-wielding suspect shot and killed by Norfolk officer identified

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: The victim in this shooting has been identified as 72-year-old Lawrence H. Faine. 

Norfolk, Va. - A suspect was shot and killed by a Norfolk police officer at Calvary Towers on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say this happened in the 800 block of E. Virginia Beach Blvd. They responded to the scene at around 3:00 p.m.

Officials say the officer is OK.

They say the officer was issuing an emergency custody order to place the person in custody for their safety and others. They say the suspect threatened the officer with a knife and that's when the officer shot and killed the man.

The suspect was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Neighbors believe the man may have had a mental issue.

"He wouldn't really talk to nobody. You could speak to him, he wouldn't say anything. So he wasn't altogether there,” says a neighbor Lonnie Hoyt.

Neighbors also tell NewsChannel 3 that the man had been evicted from his apartment and that he was unable to "function on his own."

They say social services had already been to the apartment previously.

"Lights was off, his house was infested, the sixth floor smelled like sewage," said neighbor Robert Lee Davis.

No other details have been released. Officers are still investigating this case.

NewsChannel 3 is working to gather more information about this developing story.


  • Timothy C. Whitehurst

    Sad! The police knew this adult male at Calvary Towers had mental issues. The adult male came at the police with a knife and was then shoot by the police. There wasn’t an alternative way. What is that yellow gun that police carry used for? Just strange circumstances!

  • N/A

    Police officer should be investigated to see if it was other means to stop this situation, if so then be prosecuted as normal person

    • michelle

      I agree..i said the same..i mean hes 70 something years old…he would have stopped when shot in the leg or arm. Terrible.

  • Casey

    Sad situation for all involved. Where was this man’s family? The officer’s response was appropriate and necessary. Thoughts and prayers for all.

  • John

    The amount fo armchair quarterbacks here is astounding. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • The Don

    I agree with you john!! Sad he was killed .but with a history of mental health which seems for all to just think its ok to threaten people…why did his family let him live alone in a roach infested apartment etc etc.? You people have no clue but you are entitled to your comments !

  • The Don

    I seen the grandson’s comments on TV, unreal he thinks that officers are on edge because they lost a co-worker , and the shoot first assess later mentality is how they conduct business, and the citizens should feel unsafe! Is he watching or reading about murders etc in the recent days or weeks….and does he know the stats of black on black crime …now Blame the police because you let you grandfather live in filth and horrible living conditions ….wow !! C’MON MAN !!!

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