Watch: Wedding party regrets posing for photo on dock

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CROSSLAKE, Minn. — A 22-person wedding party really regrets posing for photos on a boat dock before a wedding in Minnesota over the weekend.

Videographer Megan Frize captured it on video.

One of the wedding guests told KMSP that when people showed up for the wedding, groomsmen and bridesmaids were in towels waiting for their dresses and tuxes to dry.

Despite the pre-wedding fun, the ceremony started on time — and all of the groomsmen were wearing pants.


  • bubba McDoogle

    that is what they get for wearing sneakers to a wedding… the wedding GODS were pissed and had their revenge


      You’re STUPID too! what’s that got to do with Wedding Gods? Some people can wear sneakers on their wedding or whatever and they have an awesome wedding! Hey, they had an UNFORGETTABLE WEDDING to look back at and laugh about. So I don’t think there’s anything to regret here.

      • Hm.

        Erm, I think he was making a joke….calling him stupid is a bit uncalled for, don’tcha think?

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