Beachgoers in Yorktown say ‘creepy’ man has been taking photos of women

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A Newport News man is banned from the beach for what can best be described as being a habitual creep.

Taylor Dibble was with his girlfriend at the beach in Yorktown, when a man in the bushes started taking photos of her as she was sunning in a bikini.

"He had a big ol' lens and you know he'd zoom way close, and it was pretty creepy you know?" Dibble said. "Use your computer, stay at home, don't come out here in public and be rude like that."

"First I was kinda giving him the benefit of the doubt like maybe he's sight seeing or something like that, but then I was like, the lens is down a little too far and it aimed like, he was getting behind girls so he'd get their butts and stuff," said Miranda Joy.

That happened Thursday and police say he was back Saturday, and that's when people called them to put a stop to it.

"It's three years that he's been doing this, and our people don't feel comfortable so our deputy banned him from the waterfront, and our bans are typically for a year," said Lt. Dennis Ivey with the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office.

The man wouldn't show deputies any of the photos he had taken. The 51-year-old is banned from the beach.
His name isn't being released because he wasn't arrested.  County law allows the sheriff to restrict anyone from public land without doing anything illegal.

If he comes back, he'll be charged with trespassing.


  • RowlandP

    You know, what he was doing (if that’s what he was doing) is creepy. But creepy isn’t a crime and these “victims” were in a very public place. This isn’t a case of a man photographing someone through their bedroom blinds or in their backyard over their privacy fence. This man was taking photos on a beach, for goodness sake. “He wasn’t charged with a crime.” So what’s the basis for his ban from the waterfront? Because he’s creepy. Yorktown beach in the summer is full of creeps. It isn’t a crime. The county ordinance that allows the sheriff to ban a law-abiding citizen from a public place on a whim sounds like an ordinance that allows the sheriff to be the accuser, judge and jury all in one (the crime being the public act of acting distastefully). The ordinance sounds illegal to me (and I think there’s good reason to simply ignore it). That being the law anywhere is creepier to me than a man on a public beach taking pictures of beach goers.

    • Hm.

      Typical man. Nothing to be worried about as long as it’s not happening to you, huh? Too bad guys aren’t the targets women are, or you’d be a lot more sympathetic. If he has been asked to stop this behavior, and he persists, it’s called harrassment, and that IS a crime.
      And did you wonder at all why this guy was so reluctant to show any oif the photos he took? If they were completely innocent views of the beach, he shouldn’t have had a problem letting other people see them. Pervert!

      • Jay Thomas

        It has nothing to do with being a “victim” Einstein, as Rowland said, there IS no victim as there was no crime! If the man is a tax payer and he was banned without a crime he needs to slap the County into court over a BS illegal regulation! If you don’t like pictures of you taken in public then don’t DRESS like that in public! The Paparazzi would laugh their arses off at this hick joke mentality! Try actually reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights, IF you can actually read AND comprehend! I don’t like you showing half your arse and you have been doing it for years therefore I will request that the county ban you from my beach!

    • Lando Nunyabiz

      100% correct. He should sue. The idea that you can be banned from a public property without cause is horrendous. There is no expectation of privacy in public,

  • Sellis

    So why isn’t his name being published? Everyone else gets a photo and a write up even if they haven’t been found guilty yet.

  • markpags

    I think the sheriff was acting in the best interest of the photographer, before he got whupped by some jealous, roided-out boyfriend.

  • Bill Marshall

    If the people in the area had any respect for the Constitution they would all bring cameras to the beach enmasse and dare the Sherriff to ban them. There is nothing illegal or even immoral about taking pictures of women. If women don’t like it then too bad. They have equal rights, not special rights.

  • Garrrrg

    It would be one thing if these women were in their private homes, or yards…. they are on a public beach, purposely wearing clothing that is revealing. I can’t believe they don’t think things like this don’t happen to them ALL THE TIME!

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